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Bank on It

Both kids are sick, and the washing machine just broke, which guarantees that one or both of the kids will start projectile vomiting within the hour.

It doesn't happen often, but these are the days I start to wish that I was the one with an office to go to.

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Oh, the joys of having older children who can make it to the toilet. Hang in there!

i hope you're wrong :)
and i hope they get better soon!

Aww hopefully your wrong, but I guess with the way your day was, it was just a when it rain it pours kind of day huh?

Kids are so much fun!?!

My eldest used to projectile until he was 8.....the very last time he did this I was 8 months pregnant with my youngest. He slept downstairs and decided to have puke fest.....up the stairs, all over the walls, down the hall, floor and walls covered, into the bathroom, everywhere but the toilet....all this while my husband slept and I cleaned up....thankfully my next one always hit the toilet and my third....just doesn't vomit.

Hope they feel better soon!

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