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Guess Who is Going Appliance Shopping?

My three-year-old washing machine is broken to the tune of $1500. I am a little confused about how it can be $1500 worth of broken since it didn't cost that much new, but the fact remains that I am not paying that and need a new washing machine. There is some consolation in the fact that the washer came with the house so I didn't pay for it myself, but it is still aggravating to have the brand new (Kenmore, front loader, high-efficiency, didn't work that well to start with and dead in three years, in case you are thinking of buying one) washing machine broken while the twenty-year-old dryer works beautifully.

So, washing machines. I am researching, I need to buy one by this weekend at the outside because the old one broke at the beginning of laundry day not at the end, and even though the children and I and our laundry are visiting my mother on Friday, if I don't have a washer up in here by the end of next week I will have to start contemplating laundromats, and I would rather not because am a spoiled little rich girl and they always have uncomfortable chairs (although I could fairly decline to take the children with me - maybe I will delay buying a new washer in the name of some free time).

Anyway, I have one short, easy question. Is there anybody out there, anybody in the entire world, who has owned and used a front loader for at least a year and actually likes the thing? Mine wasn't all that great to start with and now is junk, and I seem to hear lots of complaints. The only benefit I can think of is that without the agitator I can wash my king-sized comforter, but the children rarely vomit on my bed these days and if it happens there is always the good old laundromat.

So tell me, love your front loader? I'm gonna be needing the model number on that. Or, bought something lately after days of careful research and willing to let me ride your coat tails? Would appreciate the advice.

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The house I formerly rented had a Maytag front loading washing machine.

I may have rented the house because of the front loading washing machine.

Wait. That's neither here nor there.


No love for that machine. I had to have it serviced twice, as it stunk. And I was always really good about leaving it open after I used it, so that it could dry out. I live in the desert. Drying out should be no problem. It never dried out. And it always stunk.

And the inability to pretreat, soak, reach in and check a stain, scrub a little more and leave it soaking just a tad longer didn't work for me. With two boys, this ability is a necessity.

I know people that love them.

I love my old school top-loading washing machine.

So, I'm delurking because I love my front loader! My front loader rules (fingers and toes crossed that I am not jinxing myself.) I've had it since 2007. It's an LG Steamwasher and it has had ZERO problems. I don't have the model number with me here at work, but if you are interested, I can check it tonight!

no love for the front loaders. We have always had top loaders and no issues ever, until we moved and bought our first apartment. Now we have 4 top loaders, and three front loaders and I never use the front loaders.I'm old school in too many ways...

I have a Bravo top load washer...I love it!! It doesn't have the agitator so I get the benefits of both front and top loading!! And I can soak my clothes unlike a front load. Like you, I hadn't heard any good things about the front loaders so I stayed clear of them.

we've had an LG front load steam washer and dryer for about 3 years. nothing but love for both of them!

I will admit that I prefer my toploader, if only because there's that one last sock/washcloth/pair of undies that needs to get tossed in after the cycle starts.

Like someone else said, we have a top-loaded without an agitator thing in the middle & it's awesome. Huge capacity & more water efficient, like a front-loader, but the water actually drains all the way out & it's never stinky. We have a GE Profile & it's worked great for the past 3.5 years. I did have some issues with liquid laundry detergent build-up, but we switched to an eco-friendly powder & it's been fine since then. Plus, since we have the same dryer, they are connected with a USB cable & talk to each other! The washer tells the dryer how long the drying cycle should be - it's like living in the future...

We have a 12-year-old high-efficiency Frigidaire washer. It pre-exists me (but not my husband) in this house. We have no complaints with it!

Oops, I meant to say that it's a front-loader.

I'm have a front loader and I love it. Okay, so technically mine is a washer-dryer combo (had to get one due to space restrictions), but the washing machine portion of it absolutely rocks. It's an LG, with a Direct Drive - not sure of the model. As I said ours is a combo, but I think you can get the identical thing purely as a washing machine. We do *a lot* of laundry. At least 1 - 2 full loads a day. My machine can handle up to 7kg wet easily. I have washed heavy double bed blankets and duvets in that thing and it soldiers on quiet happily. We've had the machine for about 3 years now and the only time we had issues with it was when a mouse got inside and nibbled on the electronics (courtesy of our easily distracted cat) and even then it only affected the dryer. The washer continued to work like a dream. Oh and the only maintenance I do on the machine is to just wipe away any fluff that collects on the door & seal. I haven't cleaned filters or anything since we got it.

So, I'd definitely recommend and LG machine. They are awesome. I wouldn't spring for a combo again, but I would buy LG in a heartbeat.

Good luck in your search for a machine!

i too have an lg steam washer and dryer and love love love it...the only thing i dont like is if i forget wash in there it gets stinky fast. its easy to fix tho...just do a cycle with bleach. my fav thing bout this washer and dryer is i can do a load of wash from start to finish in about 35 minutes...perfect for when u forgot to wash ur hubby's workshirts..he showers and shaves and eats and never knew i forgot. the speed wash rocks I did a lot of research and lg had the best results from consumer reports. sears tried to sell me kemore and im glad i didnt go that way heard alot of bad things

I have the Samsung front loaders (the ones that come in red or pretty blue) and love love love them. Had them almost 2 years with no issues.

i love my four year old GE frontloading washer and dryer. no problems with them (ha, i hope i'm not jinxing myself, either).

a friend of mine sprung for a BOSCH pair and loves them!!

I have a Frigidaire front loader washing machine. It is 10 years old and still working, but....I really hate it. I can't soak heavily soiled clothes, I cannot dye a piece of faded clothing in it, It's just a fad thing, I think. I just don't see my clothes being any cleaner with this machine than they did with my upright. I'm waiting for this one to die, and then will go back to an up-right.

So sorry you're drowning in dirty laundry, but I'm glad you asked the question. We just replaced our dryer (also a fancy pants Kenmore that would cost more to fix than it originally cost - ugh!). I know that I'm gonna have the same question sooner than later.

I will tell you that I'm in love with Lowe's for purchasing. I placed the order for my dryer online at 8 p.m. It was in my house - up two flights of stairs & installed - by 9 a.m. the very next day - after I waited two weeks for Sears to tell me that the repair was going to be crazy $$.

Well, I've never had anything but a front-loader (and don't know anyone who has a top-loader: maybe it's an American thing versus a European thing? I don't know), and even then I've had few because THEY WORK FINE. And I can't give you much info in fact because the two machines I've had (in 15+ years) have been almost-bottom-of-the-range, probably shopbrand stuff. The current one is a Laden (no idea of the model) and I've had it since 2005, no problems.
Wow, that's all really unhelpful, isn't it? Sorry!

I actually have a kenmore front loading machine. I have mixed feelings about it. We've had it around 5 years, it's moved twice with us and I've never had a problem with it working. I don't like it though. It gets smelly (although throwing some vinegar in with a load does get rid of that quickly) and I don't think it gets the kid's clothes as clean as the old top loading washer. That being said, I love having the top portion of the machine clear, as that's where I generally fold laundry. My DH decided to buy it while I was at my mom's with the kids, and it's not what I would have picked, but mine won't die so I can get something else! :-D

don't hate me but we have a whirlpool neptune front loader stackable washer/dryer. now that sounds normal so I suppose you're wondering why you'd hate me,right? well i bought it second hand for $350 in 2001 and (yup fingers & toes crossed) havent had one issue yet! We are able to wash ouur california king comforter with no problems. Good luck.

Have to comment that I also LOVE my front load LG. Have had it for at least 5 years. I love that my 7 year old can run the thing better than my husband. But also love how well it works.

Yes, you need to leave the door open, but I also needed to do that for a top loader.

I'm sure you don't care to hear this, but I have a Kenmore front loader and I love it. We bought the thing in 2006 and have moved it 3 times and it still works fine. Either you got a bum one, or I got the only well made one, but I don't blame you for not wanting to take a chance on another.

In any case, have front loader, love it :)

I love my front loader so much my mom and friend both ended up buying the same one. It is a GE WCVH6800. We did some research before buying and decided on this one. It is also (or was when we bought ours) rated highly on consumer reports. We have had ours for just over a year (bought in June 2009) and it has been washing clothes continuously (or seems like it) since then! My kids are MESSY! :) Good luck in your search.

I saved up for a Bosch (in large part because that's what we had when I was growing up in Europe), have had it for 3 years and love it. I'd love to have the matching drier, but the 20+ year-old one we have is still puffing along with only a few easily-performed-by-my-husband repairs needed...

Is there still "cash for appliances" available in your neck of the woods?

correction- its a maytag neptune. My parents have the new version they bought it at sears about a year or two ago and they like it as well.

Every single person I know who has a front loader hates theirs. That's only three people, but they are all people with kids who have to do a lot of laundry, and they say the machines just take forever and don't always get the clothes clean

I have a ten year old top loader that I love, so I hope it keeps going for a while longer.

hate hate hate my front loader. it gets all mildewy under the seal. i have to clean that thing all the time and it still smells mildewy. it's a whirlpool, i think. i will never buy a front loader again. and the day this one breaks down i am going to go all "office space" (ala the fax machine) on it.

hate hate hate my front loader. it gets all mildewy under the seal. i have to clean that thing all the time and it still smells mildewy. it's a whirlpool, i think. i will never buy a front loader again. and the day this one breaks down i am going to go all "office space" (ala the fax machine) on it.

We have my MIL's old Kenmore washer that she gave us when we first got married in 1997. It was about 20 years old when she gave it to us and was working fine.(she moved into a smaller place and needed to get stackable washer/dryer) It still works AWESOME so we have no reason to replace it with anything fancy. Of course now that I've put that in writing, it will die! It's a top loader of course. I have used front loaders at our vacation condo and HATED it because I am always throwing something in at the last minute, and the thing always smelled funky.

Now, on the other hand, I've had to replace my dryer twice in 15 years.

Samsung. LOVE it. My Virgo husband researched for months and we got the pair at Sears. Not the steam one- couldn't justify the extra cost.

SAMSUNG. Run, don't walk to Sears! (or get it online like we did)

We have an LG Steam whatever front loader and absolutely love it. As long as we leave it open to dry after the last load, it's never given us any problems. Plus it has a clean cycle (just add bleach!) to make sure it stays smelling nice. I love that I can throw huge loads in there no problem, and it never overbalances like my parents' old washer used to. Plus, it plays a little song to let you know when its done, fun!

I purchased a front loading Frigidaire brand washer used and it is still working (and hopefully continues to since I just announced it on the internet). I don't remember the model number (I'm at work) but I can at least recommend that brand. I've had it over 5 years.

We've got a frontloader and love it. Easier on the clothes, uses less water, and generally works wonderfully. I even think it's a Kenmore (and while I mention that, there's nothing I've found about the Sears service folks that I would recommend!).

The only issue we've found is that we need to leave the door and detergent drawer open so that it doesn't get a musty-fusty smell.

Otherwise, I'm all about front loaders!


Just bought a front loader last year and I LOVE it. LG - WM2016CW

We just got the Samsung Front Loader. I like it a lot. I know you are thinking - Samsung - don;t they make TV's or something, but apparently over in Europe they've been in the appliance industry for years and have just begun moving it here. So I love it, it works like a champ. Good luck in your search!

whirlpool. cabrio. high efficency. TOP LOAD WASHER.

researched to bits. love. worth every last penny.

ps- also, no agitator.that's right, you heard me: top loader no agitator.


We've been pleased with our Fisher & Paykel top loader. One, it saves water. Two, it takes a HUGE load of clothes. Three, it was the only washer offering a FULL two year warranty. I figured if a company is willing to put a FULL warranty on their product, it must work damn well. And Damn straight, it has... (oh and it should be noted I use the hell out of mine, as we use cloth diapers 75% of the time.)

Dear Beth,

Miele. VERY VERY VERY expensive, VERY good. Our Miele ist 25 years old and works PERFECT. "Made in Germany". Its the Rolls Royce.

Greetings from Switzerland, Zurich,

Andrea (with a 9-month old baby and huge amounts of laundry)

We have a GE Adora front loader. Hate. Is gross and wet all the time. Takes NINE HOURS to do ONE LOAD. Sounds like a freight train. Service people seem stumped by it in general.
Good luck with the shopping!

I agree with chatty cricket -- we bought the same washer (and the cabrio dryer) recently and love it.

Are you SURE this is about an appliance?

All this talk about front-loading, and I'm wondering if Chris was planning to reload the washing machine.


I love my Maytag! I have never owned anything but a front loading machine and I love them. My mom loved her Maytag so much she moved it across country.

Front loader BAD...BAAAADDDDDDD...FYI I do not like mine

well, what did ya get??? lol!!

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