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Eat This

Does your store have naan? It is an Indian flatbread thing, and the store-bought stuff is not nearly as good as what you get in a restaurant, so even though we love it and even though I make Indian food a couple of times a month, I never buy it because it is a let-down. But! And oh my, this is a wonderful but! If you get the naan (some places have it in the bakery, some have it frozen), and a jar of pizza sauce and your personal favorite pizza toppings and have make-your-own-naan-pizza-night, you will love me, and your stomach will love me, and your family will love you for feeding them such excellent food.

Eat it, you will like it.

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Naan is pretty easy to make, actually. I will see if I can remember to find and pass on the recipe to you. But that's a great idea. We have been making pizza on pita bread for a while, but naan sounds even more delicious.

I toast store-bought naan in toaster oven until it's warm but not toasted and then dip it in hummus. DELISH.

I agree, that is delicious. And I think Laura's right, naan is easy to make. But if you go to the restaurant, you can also have aloo ghobi and a sweet lassi. Those I don't know how to make. :)

i LOVE naan. Trader Joes actually sells some really good naan, so does a store around here called New Seasons. but you're right, most of the ones you find are disappointing!

As much as I like the store bought naan, I'm almost afraid to try the real thing in public. I fear I might behave....inappropriately.

I get the store-bought naan, brush it with butter, then put it under the broiler for like 30 seconds to a minute. Perfection.

Trader Joe's has really delicious naan in the frozen section. It cooks in the oven or a hot skillet in just a couple of minutes. I'll have to try the pizza idea!

Ooooh, good suggestion! I'm adding this to our October menu.

No naan here, and I had dahl tonight and really, really wanted it. I should learn how to make it.

I love naan, my husband makes it, it's different from the stuff you get in restaurants but absolutely delicious. My work canteen was doing naan bread pizza for a while, I thought it was an odd idea but it does work doesn't it?

Let down - true story.

Your meal sounds good and easy! Yay!

I make it myself, too; I was shocked at how it's really pretty easy. But I nearly ruined a stainless steel skillet because it scorched the bottom inside of my pan. It was only when I begged and pleaded with my husband to use his elbow grease that it all the residue came off. Now I use a cast-iron skillet and it works great!

Discovered it here a few months ago. My son has a friend who is from India and they eat it all the time. So, he asked what it was. We found it and eat it about once a week.

Been meaning to find a recipe to try to make it myself. But, the store bought Naan is good.

I love naan. Some stores have better naan than others. I've been meaning to make pizza with it. Usually I use it for hummus (so much better than pita!).

I love naan.

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