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Instant Book Club

I just finished (as in minutes ago, as in I turned the tv on for Owen so I could read, which was a first for me, oh look at the virtuous mommy, she thinks she's so much better than we are, screw her, I'm never coming here again) The Girl Who Played With Fire, and what I need to know from you people immediately is, what in the name of difficultly-voweled Swedish proper nouns did that whole first bit with the guy and the woman and the place and the thing that happened and the other thing that happened have to do with the price of brannvin in Stockholm? Or, you know, all the rest of the book.

Anyone? Anyone?

Also, if you have not read the book, do not read the comments, and then you need not encounter the merest hint of a spoiler. Unless the whole "the guy and the woman and the place and the thing that happened and the other thing that happened" has already ruined the book for you, in which case, I think you were just looking for a fight.

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If you're talking about that one thing, well, then you have to read the third book. Which, aren't you dying to after that ENDING?

Are you talking about the very first thing with the person and the other person we weren't supposed to like and the other local person? Because I've read all three books, and I think that one part in the place with the thing was just set dressing to show what the main character had been doing in the intervening time between book 1 and book 2, because it doesn't come up again. And maybe just to show that crazy stuff follows that girl.

More will be revealed. What? You didn't immediately lock your kid in the closet and go to the store to get the second book? (Which was my favorite of all three, by the way.)

I just finished that book two days ago and I have NO IDEA what any of you are referring to. Oh My Dog! Does this mean I have to go read it again? Cause it was really big and I'm currently using it as a retaining wall to keep the hobos out of my yard.

I read all three and I'm STILL not entirely sure what happened in any of them although I loved them. I think. Yes. Right?

I DO know they made me need to go to Ikea. Like, NEED.

Yup, you gotta finish the series! Recently read (and enjoyed) them myself.

I know *exactly* which part you are talking about--and no, it's never mentioned again; and yes, I kept waiting for it to come up somehow. And perhaps it would one of the 10-or-so planned sequels. I chalk it up (along with quite a few other "what is this doing in here?" moments) to posthumous publication with little-to-no editing. However, an editor would have cut the page and a half detailing what she bought at IKEA--and what a loss to literature that would have been!

I found myself dreaming long sequences of Swedish place names while I was reading those books. And Nora Epron's parody (in the New Yorker) is very funny.

What do you mean, 'You people'?

This is in my already-too-high stack. I might die before I get to it, though, such is the highness of said stack.

I've read all three and don't know what the heck you are talking about. I'm sure you'll forget about it shortly, though, if you keep reading the series ;) Just fill your mind with product placement and all of those other details will disappear....

Oh yeah, TOTALLY extraneous....I kept waiting for that to return, but it doesn't. Maybe it was just the author's ruse to make us think the story was going somewhere that it totally DID NOT....I don't know...but I do know I LOVED THOSE BOOKS!!!!

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