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Back in January, when we were trying to decide whether Mia would be ready for kindergarten or would be better off with another year of preschool, I talked to her preschool teachers to get their advice. They said it could go either way. In the end, they recommended that we go ahead and sign her up for another year of preschool, and then we could make the final decision over the summer, closer to when school started. It was solid advice, we decided to take it.


See, Mia just turned five, and has always been a little reluctant in new situations, and her two years of preschool were fraught with woe over separation from me and from home. Hedging our bets was the best idea. But then, the application deadline approached, and we changed our minds. We decided that, while she might have a hard transition to kindergarten, she would not be well served by another year of preschool. She is ready to learn, she is already reading and doing math and all sorts of things that just are not supported by her excellent and well-loved preschool. We decided that kindergarten would be the best thing for Mia, and that we would put our trust and faith in her and move forward with confidence. But secretly, I have been so afraid.


Then came this summer, and wow. I have a totally different kid now than I had at the beginning of the summer. She is confident and independent. She is large and in charge. She is a kindergartener, and we haven't the slightest doubt that we made the right choice.


Mia demanded that we leave for the bus stop 20 minutes early this morning. She ran to the bus stop. She ran onto the bus. When we met her at school, she would barely speak to us, other than to ask us not to follow so closely as we walked with her to her classroom. She skipped off the bus this afternoon reporting that kindergarten was "so fun" and is counting down the hours until she can go back.


And all I have to say is: look out world, Mia is coming for you.


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YAAAY MIA! Is it crazy that my eyes got a little soggy? I can't imagine how you and Chris are feeling. Congrats on another milestone... ps: I'm loving the full purple ensemble. Too cute.

It is amazing how much they change this summer.

And I love that she told you not to follow too close.

I'm a tad bit choked up reading this - she just looks amazing and so incredibly happy! You made the right decision on both counts - as a parent and preschool teacher myself, I would have felt more comfortable knowing that I could make the decision either way.

I can't wait to hear more about her Kindergarten adventures!

According to Georgia, the bus ride "is the absolute funnest thing ever" - she can't jump on that thing fast enough. Our girls are getting so big!

awesome. her summer hair and tan pool skin is just gorgeous, too. that doesn't hurt :)

That's great, Mia sounds like she was ready to go. Beautiful pictures.

i remember when she was born....this can't proud of her and you guys :)

These are great shots! So glad things went swimingly!

My kids are like that: the things I worry and worry over, they step up and surprise me; the things I assume are going to go well are the ones that bite me in the hiney :)

I'm so glad she had great first day, and that she's ready to take on the world!

Oh yay! Congrats on it going so smoothly for you all!

SO super cute. Congratulations.

A summer really can change a kid. Ours do that every year I think and this year was big for our 4-year-old boy. He went from our baby to some little boy who lives here. So weird. And neat.

I'm glad it went so well!

I remember a few years ago (maybe when you were expecting Owen?), you posted a picture of Mia where she just looked so grown up all of a sudden. And I commented that I could see in her the kindergartner she would be -- and you wrote to me, "Kindergartner? Bite your tongue!"

Look! Kindergartner!!! When I was starting kindergarten (not yet 5), I insisted on walking myself to school. So my Mom stood at our house and cried while she took pictures of her baby girl walking to school.

Congrats to Mia on a wonderful first day! She'll do great.

Look at her go! What an amazing child you and Chris have raised!

Please don't make me cry like that! It's only 9:00 am!

What a radiantly happy little girl! It's a delight to see!

I can't believe how big she looks in your pictures! And my, how her hair has lightened! Congratulations on sending your big girl to her first day of kindergarten :)

Gorgeous! Absolutely radiant. And low lucky you young parent bloggers all are to be capturing these moments for posterity. I have a feeling that shot with the "bigger-than-her-body" backpack and all that spectacular hair will end up in a collage at her high school graduation someday :-)


I feel like a proud Mum too. I remember first reading your blog when I was pregnant with my first baby who is now almost 4. I can't believe how she has grown and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see how she is confident and ready for Daisy is very similar to Mia and I am SO scared of the changes we have ahead of school...but this makes me feel a little less so. It might just be this way for us too. So thanks Mia!

Wow, she really DOES look blonde after your great summer. She looks like she's ready for Kindergarten. Making a parenting decision by the gut and having it turn out to be right is so awesome. I usually trust my gut too.

OMG. is this the little mia who as a baby sat inside of a shopping bag? she's such a cutie. so exciting for new school and so glad she loves it!

I'm so happy! I hope that her love for school continues for the next 13 years!

Also, I cannot believe I have been reading your blog and following her life since she was 4 months old.

I hope you are having fun days with Owen.

she is just so full of awesome :)

YAY, Mia!

Congrats on your new Kindergartener. My "baby" (well, yeah, she's almost 6 - but still my baby) started kindergarten on Tuesday also. How time flies!

yay mia! :)

That is so great! Doesn't it seem like yesterday they were babies? My Owen is now in third grade. A MAN I tell you!

She's such a beautiful little girl! Love the pink outfit :)

oh my word - look at that big girl!!!! And her gorgeous long hair!!!

Oh, dear! I'm not ready for this! I teared up a little, I must admit. Look out world, indeed!

She has grown so much and her hair is so long and so blonde! She is absolutely adorable and I am so happy to hear how much she is loving Kindergarten. :)

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