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My New Boyfriend: Zappos

Mia had one request for starting kindergarten - light up princess sneakers. I promised she could have them, assuming we would find the things everywhere. Such was not the case. In fact, the only place I could find anything of the sort in her size was Zappos. They were about twice the price that I usually consider reasonable for a pair of kid shoes and I had to pay overnight shipping so she could have them on the first day of school, but I had promised so I sucked it up and did it.

I was more than a little annoyed this morning when I noticed that the sole of one shoe is completely separated from the shoe at the toe, and the other shoe has long strings hanging off of it so I am just waiting for that one to fall apart too. So once we got Mia on the bus, I called Zappos prepared to do battle. Mia has no other sneakers that fit and she needs them for PE, so I planned to demand that they ship me a new pair of shoes, without charge, and wait until I received them for me to ship the defective shoes back. I was ready to argue, to ask for supervisors, to basically make a huge stink until I got what I wanted.

Instead, I got an apology. And a promise that the new shoes would be here Monday. And an assurance that they trusted me about the defective shoes so there would be no need to send them back. And an invitation to some VIP site with free overnight shipping. And a $15 coupon. And a couple more apologies sprinkled in there.

They didn't have to do that. Well, they did have to send me new shoes, but the rest was above and beyond, so I figured I would tell you about it. Maybe you already know all this, but it was my first Zappos purchase, although unlikely to be my last.

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zappos is great! love them!

I have had wonderful customer service with zappos too. Once, they sent me the shoes I ordered plus another pair by mistake. When I called, they apologized profusely, arranged a UPS pick-up at my house the next day and gave me a gift certificate. It was great!

Zappos has the best customer service in the world. I want them to run every organization.

So in other words, I should buy my new running shoes there. So glad for the tip!

Good customer service is always such a pleasant surprise ;)

Love Zappos! With their super-easy and free returns, it's like having a shoe store in our living room (if I'm not sure about how a shoe is sized, I'll just order several sizes of the same shoe and return the ones that don't fit). Once, when they sent us a different color shoe from what I'd ordered, they sent my daughter a hand-written card with the replacement shoes (plus a gift certificate). They do know how to keep us coming back...

Thanks for sharing. I've considering buying there but wondered how the customer service was, since shoe fit can be so crazy. I'll have to try it now.

I don't comment often, but putting in my 2 cents here. Zappos customer service is AWESOME, and they actually treat all of their employees really well too. Worth the little bit extra to purchase from them.

That is so good to hear. I love to hear good stories about customer service, because so much of it is BAD.

Zappos has been a long and dear lover of mine. It has never, ever let me down, and is always there for me when I need it. Hurrah for Zappos!

I love when I hear people say good things about customer service. Working retail, my coworkers and I have often discussed how you only hear from a customer if they're upset with you... happy people tend keep to themselves. Thanks for being one of the rare customers that rules.

Just so you all know, Zappos is currently running a promotion where you can sign-up to be a VIP customer and get forever free overnight shipping on your orders. There's only 10 more days to sign up, so even if you don't plan on ordering from them now, it would be worth it to set up an account anyway. Here's the link:
(I don't work for Zappos, I'm just another person who has only good things to say about their customer service!)

My hubby loves Zappos. He buys shoes there regularly. I have big feet and have been reluctant to try them myself.


My son (now 8) had Fred Flinstone feet for years. Ahem. They were much wider than they were long. Zappos was the only place that carried his very hard to find size - in more than one style! I've been ordering shoes from them for 7 years for the whole fam damily.

And, I'm in Las Vegas. And Zappos is based here in Las Vegas. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting our economy!

Zappos has rocked from day one. Glad you found them.

I love Zappos. They bend over backwards to make things easy. And I almost always get my shipments the within two days even with the everyday free shipping option.

I love zappos. but FYI, never pay for overnight shipping! I have ordered from them a lot, never paid for overnight shipping and they ALWAYS, EVERY TIME upgrade me to overnight shipping..and no I am not a VIP customer...

I have never ordered from Zappos, but I'll do it now (well, not NOW but next time we need shoes). I love nothing more in the world than AWESOME customer service.

I've always heard good stuff about them, even though I never used them. Glad you had a good experience!

Payless usually has light-up princess sneakers too.

I refused to get Daya velcro this time because she always stops right in the middle of the sidewalk (or the street) to adjust them... now I have to deal with tying (and untying) laces and I am not sure which is worse.....

Happy Belated Kindergarten! I hope Mia's school is better at communicating than Daya's.

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