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Disaster Waiting to Happen

My Owen, monkey boy, demon child, capital T trouble, entirely too beloved by me, who escaped his crib at well less than two-years-old and began, shortly thereafter, standing on the side rail and flinging himself to the floor in what can only be called a deliberate attempt to break his little neck, has, at much less than three-years-old, exhausted the possibilities of a toddler bed and is currently spending his first night in a big boy bed. Which is, in point of fact, just a twin mattress on the floor, but it has Buzz Lightyear sheets, which were a huge hit. It took him a while to go to sleep, but then all was well and oh-so quiet. So I was rather shocked when I went to check on him and found the child sound asleep, across the room, sitting on the floor and resting his little head on the toddler-sized armchair in his room

Looks to be another long night around here. Also, wah my baby, etc.

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Too cute!!

Owen is three years old already??

I guess it's been a while since I stopped by.... hope you are well!

For the first few weeks after my daughter made the move to her big girl bed/mattress on the floor, we nightly found her sleeping on the floor in the exact middle of her room. It's now a couple of months later and she does a pretty good job of staying in bed and under the blanket. They really do grow up too fast though!

Just out of curiosity, how does one exhaust the possibilities of a toddler bed? At two, surely he's not too tall for it.
Just want to see what we're in for, since we just transitioned INTO the toddler bed.

Cannot believe your "baby boy" is all grown up!

oh owen :) so funny. lola's first weeks in her big girl bed, we would find her in the morning sleeping all over her floor, just not in the bed. wah our babies :)

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