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Why does Pandora always want me to listen to Hotel California? It seems that no matter what I enter as my starting point, all roads seem to converge at Hotel California. Is it that my musical taste leads somehow inexorably to Hotel California? Is there some vast Pandora/Eagles conspiracy? I can understand how it happens when I start with Simon and Garfunkel, as I am wont to do (What? I like them. Yeah yeah, your musical taste is far more refined than mine, you win.), but I was running today and started with Lady Gaga. Song number five? Hotel California.

Why do all of my shirts get holes in them right at the spot where my pants button? Seriously, all of them, exact same spot. At first I thought it was because of my belt (You have more than one belt? You win again.), but I didn't wear a belt all summer and all of my t-shirts have these holes. Then I thought it was from carrying Owen, but I carry him on my hip and there are not holes in the hip. Then I considered that I was tearing all of my shirts with my rock-hard abs, but one glance at my torso made it quite clear that was not the case. Now I am thinking maybe it has to do with my seat belt? I don't get it.

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ALL of my shirts have holes in that spot too. I don't wear a belt. I think it also has to do with how cheaply made/thin shirts are now.

Thank god that happens to someone else too! That happens on all of my cotton shirts. If it was simply the cheaply made nature of the shirt,why not holes other places as well? It is not as if the button is that abrasive, and the zipper doesn't touch the shirt. Oh, I cannot wait to keep reading these comments to see if this mystery is revealed!

Pandora wants me to like Dramarama.

Have a jaggedy edge on your counter, table, or other piece of furniture you lean over? I used to get holes in that spot when I worked at a picture framing shop and would lean into our work tables.

It's because you're a Mom who spends lots of time in the kitchen, up against the kitchen counter. I too have these holes... but not in the clothes that I wear when I work outside the home!

OK - I just read that again, and maybe it reads badly, but use it as it applies to the situation!

Ditto on the counter idea--I work in a lab, always standing, and frequently leaning against a counter, and while I was wearing street clothes into work, I started seeing these little holes EVERYWHERE. If the holes are about counter-level, I bet that's it.

I'll take Hotel California over Johnny Cash. Seriously, even the punk pop mix I've been expanding came up with Ring of Fire. Really, Pandora?

I get the same holes in my shirts. It could be the counters, but I really don't spend that much time in the kitchen. Curious.

omg, if you figure out about the shirts, let me know. i have it too, and i was blaming it on the counters at work because it seems like only my work shirts have the holes. hmmm.

Seriously! If you figure it out please let me know too! I thought I was the only one with those holes and thought it was from stuff splattering off the stove when I cook (yeah right! Like I cook that much!) Glad I am not alone.


I have no idea why I get these holes in my shirts. BUT they always seem to appear after they have been wet and I am doing the dishes - so rubbing on the counter seems about right? BUT they also seem slightly lower then the counter. mmmm... not just my cheap shirts but anything with a slight spandex blend to it..


For Hotel California, I believe the rule is:
You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!

For the shirts, try this an experiment: put one of those white mailing labels on an un-holed shirt where you usually get the hole and then check it after a few days of activity ( may have to wear same shirt for sake of experiment, but this is SCIENCE! )

Check to see if the label is getting creased / marked in the same spot where you get the hole; if so, then counters / something in the environment is causing it. If not, isn't that near a chi center? Perhaps there is some kind of energy wave that is disrupting the fibers? ( sounds silly, but hey, you can buy toys to levitate a ball with your this so far fetched? )


Holy carp... I was just about to respond saying that my shirts don't have these holes, but then I checked the shirt I am currently wearing. Low and behold... tiny little hole! WTH? Now I must check other shirts!

Dear Beth

I had these little holes too, and a few months later I discovered a few clothes moths. I got them, because a dear friend of mine gave me some maternity clothes (WITH clothes moths, but I didn't discovered them).

So, you better check your cotton shirts (these insects don't like linen, but they adore expensive fabrics like cotton, cashmere, silk and wool!)....

Good luck!


I believe the Hotel California is an assisted living facility now.

As much as I know it's irritating, I'm happy to know that I'm not the only person with that shirt issue. Every one of my cotton shirts is like that. So aggravating!

Secondly, I did a test Pandora this morning and the 2nd song was Hotel California. I wasn't even on my Eagles station, it was on my Bon Jovi station. Your conspiracy may be correct!

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