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I'm big into voting. Anybody who has been around these parts for a while probably knows that. And I recently got a request for a Beth Fish election day post, which since I doubt I can actually influence anybody else to go vote I interpreted as a request for either 1) a picture of me with an I Voted sticker on my head, 2) a picture of one or both of my children with I Voted stickers on their heads, 3) a picture of my bestickered pregnant belly (please note, not currently possible) or 4) a picture of my (fully covered with politically-motived clothing) boobs.

But I'm a little busy at the moment. So here's what I've got instead. I finally got up off my ass and updated my sidebar pictures, and it probably took me about as long to find and select and edit and post the pictures as it will take you to get up off your ass and vote. So how about it? I don't even much care who you vote for, I'm just into the whole civic responsibility/exercise of an incredible privilege/how many people in how many places in how many points in history including right now, have and would give so much just for the chance to do what we overwhelmingly can't be bothered to do.

So go vote (I did). Take your kids (I did). Enjoy a few minutes of self-righteousness (me? Never, not that kind of girl, clearly). And then wear your sticker proudly - on your forehead.

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Right on!

Love the new sidebar pics...Mia looks so much like you Beth.

Question about voting from an ignorant Canadian: do you guys have to vote on every issue that your state puts forward? I've seen a bunch of those commercials from Washington State (because that's the cable feed we get up in BC) where they are asking voters to vote Yes on Issue 1203 and No on 1146. Are all of those issues on the ballot for you to check yes or no? If they do list them, are there descriptions beside each issue so you can remember what they're about? We just have to vote for the party we prefer, so I was just wondering.

In response to Procrastimom - Yes, we need to vote on all of the issues individually. It winds up being a very big ballot. Some issues are from the county, some are from the state. Happily, in my county we have mail-in ballots, so I was able to sit at home with the big ol' booklet of info and figure all of them out individually. It probably took me 20 minutes to fill the whole thing out.

We can register with a party preference, but we vote for all candidates individually and can vote in or out of our party as we please, which I think is really nice. In some states, party preference will determine who you can and can't vote for in a primary, but I'm pretty sure that for general elections in all states you can vote for whoever you want and can vote for people from different parties for different offices if you like.

Voted here too. We quit voting in person several years ago. Hubby and I get our ballots mailed to us, we fill them out at our kitchen table and hand-carry them back to a drop off site.

Haha, I was Anon (who asked for the election post.) And I'm not even American. Anyway, I hope the Fish influence spreads!

I voted--even though we only get the cool stickers for an election that includes the president.

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