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I Am Brilliant

We've been having this problem with Owen lately. Specifically, with Owen's diapers and their total inability to contain his overnight diaper-bound production. I have been washing at least one set of bedding every single day for weeks now. Sometimes twice should we happen to bring him from his bed to ours before cluing into the issue that woke him up in such a lousy mood.

I've been checking his diaper every night to make sure it was on correctly and firmly and that everything within the diaper was, erm, oriented appropriately for maximum diaperly absorption. No luck. I finally got fed up and switched brands, and the first night was a disaster. The second night was the same.

I had resigned myself to once again turning to you lovely people and begging you to solve yet another of my parenting dilemmas. But then, on the treadmill this morning, I figured it out all by myself. And to thank you for all the advice you have given me over the years, I am going to document the solution here for your own edification and enjoyment.

Here it is: if you do not want your two year old to pee through his diaper every single night, possibly you should not provide him with a full cup of water to chug immediately before tucking him into bed for the night.

No no, no need to thank me.

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You know what's funny? we had a really hard time night time potty training Michael. And he also drank a full cup of water before bed. And when I took that water away, he was trained. Some times we miss the most obvious things.

Ha, ha, ha. Awesome.

I had a friend who layered sheet, puppy pad, sheet puppy pad, sheet puppy pad etc on her kid's bed so that if it was wet at night she could just remove one layer and crawl back in bed. This just reminded me of that, and I had to share not because I think this is something you should do, but because? She used PUPPY PADS on her kid's BED. Heee!

Why do kids swear they are dying of thirst before bed? And why do we all fall for it?

Off topic, as I was typing this comment, Bridget pointed to the pictures of Mia and Owen and asked who they are. I told her and she said, "I want to meet Mia and Owen!" Goofball kid.

Good for you! Easy solutions are the best!

While that IS quite a brilliant deduction on your part, I nearly did the same thing because I was getting up several times a night and I couldn't figure out when and then realized oh wow, I drink too much (water) with dinner! And a cup of herbal tea before bed, and more water to take my bedtime pills ... yeah. Clever!

We have the same problem here. My solution right now is to put him on the potty before I go to sleep and/or I put a fresh diaper on him.
Your solution just blew my mind. I might have to try that.

Nathan Jr is a better sleeper than the other two ever were (yay!), which led us to a similar dilemma. I'm very pleased you're sleeping well, Buddy, but no diaper will last 11 hours.

So we double-bag him at nighttime: a size 6 OVER his normal size 5. He still leaks through sometimes, but we usually don't need to change his sheets.

I was going to suggest going to a larger size diaper for nighttime, or maybe buy the overnight diapers that are supposed to be more absorbent. But your solution is MUCH better!! :) With our 4-yo, every now and again we start letting him drink a whole cup of milk at his bedtime snack, just because we are negligent not because we are being nice, and he either goes to the bathroom in the muddle of the night or pees his bed. And then I suddenly remember that liquids at bedtime are BAD!! Duh!

Ah yes. If that doesn't work, try doublers.

I've been meaning to ask you, but I've been travelling up near-ish youse guys (y'all) the last few days (Richmond, VA, in 22-hours, YAY!): are you doing NaBloPoMo and just not telling us that you're doing NaBloPoMo? Because, if so, I love you more. I'm glad you're blogging more frequently, no matter the reason, yay Beth Fish! :) Also? Mia learning to read is so heartwarming. I hope she stays up past her bedtime when she's older, reading under the covers with a flashlight, like I did. Better yet, I hope she gets permission to do so...using a lamp. Hugs!

At least it was a relatively painless solution, right? And if it helps, we had a recent bedwetting problem with my "I'll just pottytrain myself" child- who is now 4- and the problem was essentially the same as with Owen. Too much to drink before bed...this parenting thing is always a work in progress I guess :)

It took me awhile to get the same concept! Now, if I give Thomas water, I just put a little in the cup. I felt SO SMART!

We are both obviously brilliant women!

There are actually pads that you insert into boys diapers for this very purpose. They look like hospital sanitary napkins. You can also use something like a stick on Poise pad -- just stick it into the front part of his diaper at night. It's a phase they go through.

Here's a link to something like what I was referring to... They've changed in the last 25 yrs obviously.

We used to have this problem - buy either way bigger diapers (if volume is the problem) or tighter, smaller diapers (if gaps are the problem).


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