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Owen, This Week

Owen wears red fleece mittens at all times other than meals. He is rather disgruntled that I make him remove them for meals, but since he refuses to master cutlery it is the only way to avoid a laundry disaster.

Owen is enamored with a four inch bungee cord with a hook at each end and wanders the house all day hooking things to each other and, most especially, hooking me to the cabinet knobs. He plays Luke Skywalker at a constant rate, and if Daddy is not available to be Darth Vader will grudgingly allow me to be Anakin.

Owen told me in the car this morning that he has small armpits and that penises are private and that I am not invited to his birthday party. He has been planning his birthday party since summer and has been adamant all along that Mommy may not come. The neighbor cat that Owen loves came along with us on our errands again today, only in Owen's mind, and I had to strap him into Mia's car seat after each stop and act suitably horrified each time Owen told me that JJ had jumped out of the car, so that he could tell me "I only joking, Mommy."

Owen loves to jump and run and tackle and wrestle and fight and play swords and to be tickled and, unfortunately, to bite. He hauls himself happily off to time out several times a day and waits more or less patiently for the timer, at which point he bounces out of the time out chair, apologizes sincerely, and then more often than not goes straight back to whatever it was that got him into trouble.

Owen loves legos and balls and sticks and slugs and apple juice and Buzz Lightyear mac and cheese and Uncle Dick's back scratcher and to be tickled and flung in the air and hung upside down. He talks a blue streak, he gives great hugs and kisses, and has leaned from his sister how to express annoyance by making huffing noises and rolling his eyes. He is a very boy little boy who all the same will dress up in sparkly princess dresses and plastic high heels if that's what the other kids are doing.

He drives me straight up the wall on a daily basis and I love him more than air.

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He sounds perfect!

Yup. I have one of those too, only he's 9 so the mittens are fingerless gloves but other than that - he's the same cat.

Yes, yes, and yes. BOYS. Geesh. My girl spoiled me, too.

Oh, I love the last sentence. I think I love Owen a little bit, too. The cat jumping out of the car? Eeee! Cute!

LOVE this.

Uncle Dick's Back Scratcher would be a great name for a band.

My daughter used to do that thing with the bungee cord but she would tell me it was a machine that would tell how long I would live. There were some chilling predictions.

Owen sounds wonderful! Aren't boys so different from girls? So different and still so great.

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