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Pippi Longstocking and Buzz Lightyear

It was all arranged, the children had decided. They were going to be Pippi Longstocking and Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. Well, maybe Dorothy Gale and Buzz Lightyear, but definitely either Pippi Longstocking or Dorothy Gale and Buzz Lightyear. And then, the time came to actually get the costumes, and behold:



Cleopatra and Superman.

Also, look ma, no training wheels:


I'm afraid Owen was less than pleased about his new big boy bike.


And oh, a couple more for all those who complain that I haven't updated my sidebar in two years.



Comments (9)

Oh, man, you HAVEN'T updated in awhile because that Owen is a big giant boy now.

Also, I think Pipi needs to make an appearance next year. I want to see Mia as Pipi! (Adorable costumes, btw.)

Adorable either way! I love the slide pic! Congrats to Mia for losing the training wheels.


I can't believe how big they are! And I love the new sidebar pictures.

You and Chris have beautiful, wonderful, amazing children! But I guess you already knew that!

The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. When I first found your blog you had just found out you were pregnant with Mia and now look at her. You have done a great job as mommy! I miss it when you don't blog for awhile but I still check out blog everyday M - F But then Chris keeps us up to date when you are too busy to write.

Adorable picture. My daughter was going to be Pippi Longstocking too! However, she decided to be Jessie from Toy Story instead. Then our son was supposed to be Wolverine until mere moment before we left our house he freaked out and wouldn't put his costume on, so he wore his Batman pajamas out instead.

Man, I've been looking for some Pippi Longstocking books and can't find them anywhere. I loved her more than Trixie Belden!

Yea Mia for learning to ride.

OH MY LORD! Your children are GORGEOUS. I can't stand it.

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