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Speaking of Owen...

I went to breakfast with a couple of friends this morning, and of course I took Owen with me because that's how we roll. We were there for an hour and he behaved himself beautifully the entire time. Well, ok, there was a bit of kicking and shaking the table and he did spend the whole time in my lap, but he sat there quietly, he played with the toys I brought for him, he didn't scream or flop on the floor or spit at anybody and I didn't have to chase him down when he bolted across the restaurant or out into the parking lot even once. This is unheard of.

And then we went to the grocery store, the one with the little kid-sized carts that he adores, although he refuses to place groceries in them for any reason, and he didn't slam his cart into a single person, not even me. He didn't knock down any displays, he didn't run away from he, he didn't grab everything that looked appealing and demand that I buy it. There was one minor disagreement right at the end about a Ring Pop, but overall he was the perfect child.

All afternoon, he listened to me. He said please and thank you and you're welcome and reminded me to do the same whenever he felt it was warranted and I had forgotten. We played and did some chores and told some jokes and did lots of pretending, and it was lovely.

It went downhill round about bus stop time, and I am not getting carried away by all this, but it did give me hope for the future. Hope that one day we will be able to take the children out to dinner and everyone will actually be able to eat their meal, rather than one of us (almost always Chris these days) getting two bites into the entree before needing to bodily remove Owen from the building. Hope that I may one day be able to go buy new pants when I need them rather than deciding wearing pants with holes in the butt is less bad than taking Owen shopping anywhere that doesn't have a toy section. Hope that he may eventually stop hitting me every time he gets frustrated. Hope that my wild, rambunctious, charming, adorable, infuriating little boy will one day be a bit more civilized. I love him madly just as he is, but I am so looking forward to that.

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Do you remember Michael when we used to meet for lunch? Yes, that. Welcome to boys.

Every time I think we've made it through the woods, that my child no longer behaves like a rabid wombat, one of the other children - whom I had previously thought was reasonably socialized - starts acting like an insane feral beast. I can't win. I blame my husband.

and then (!!) they will be TEENAGERS OMG.

Thats what happened with my two..slowly but surely as they aged they little by little began acting better, sitting still longer, behaving in public, etc. Part of growing up, I guess. They finally reached the age where my husb and I can actually sit through (and eat) a whole meal with them. Hang in there, thats just what they do at that age, just another stage!

This gave ME hope about my own rambunctious child but then I remembered Kyle is a whole year younger than Owen. So, I'll celebrate with you in 2012.

I do love those glimpses that remind you that it won't always be the same kind of crazy that it is today. I've always been amazed at how mine have seemed to instinctively know when they were about to push me over the edge. It's like they magically turn into lovely humans just as I'm ready to go check in at the funny farm. The respites truly give meaning to "short but sweet".

So glad its not just mine with the hitting, how do you react to it??

We havent managed a meal out without some sort of drama either and now got a 3 month old so have to go through all this again, at least you are in front in that respect!!

I've put a request for help to find a toy for christmas for my youngest because it seems they only sell it in America and not the Uk for some reason so i'm trying to find a store willing to ship to us,would you mind checking it out? Being cheeky due to your location and the fact you have small children, hope you dont mind!!!


Happy belated birthday!

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