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I really, really want to use this for our Christmas card picture this year.


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I think you should do it.

I don't see why you shouldn't.

Do it, do it! Oh please do it. I would love if more of the cards that showed up were fun like this. I mean, you are all dressed up nice so it isn't like you didn't TRY! Fun just go the better of you, and well, sometimes Fun does that.

Also, is Owen wearing a teeeny purple blazer? I DIE.

PS - If it helps encourage you at all, one of the pictures on our card this year is the two of us all dressed up for a wedding... in the middle of a huge and joyous jump. We're both about a foot off the ground, all crazy-faced and happy and I love it.

Ha, ha, AWESOME. Use it!

Real life- what could be better?

Use it! Everyone expects the perfect picture. This is too awesome not to use. :)

I've been reading both yours and Chris' blogs for a few years now and honestly that picture perfectly captures the essence of the Cactus-Fish family :)

You should use it! I'd love to get more cards like that in the mail! :-)

I'm seriously curious why you *wouldn't* use this as your Christmas card? It's genuine, real, true to who the four of you really are, fun, festive, matchy-matchy, bonded as a family, and just plain smile-inducing. What a better gift to give a loved one than a smile immediately upon opening your greeting? Can't imagine why 50 of these aren't on a Walgreens printer this moment, just waiting for pickup and payment.

order one of the tinyprints cards that let's you do a photo on the front and another on the back. put a "good" one on the front and this one on the back. i love it :)

LOVE it!!

Haha I love the photo - and I love Kati's idea, too, because then you get the best of both worlds :D

I would never use that photo. You can't really see Mia's tongue.

Try again!

I love it.


I really don't see why you wouldn't. Honestly. I'm not being sarcastic there. That's an awesome photo.

Or have two cards made up, one for those with a sense of humor and one for those without.

And why not? Except I can't see Mia's tounge. That's what's wrong with the picture.

Oh good lord! I love you people! You should totally use this as your Christmas card!

You are so crazy and I LOVE it!!! Heavens sake yes you have to use this for something, might as well be your Merry Christmas card to make all Merry.

My friend sent one out to select family and friends with her sons posed in front of the tree. Her (then) two-year-old was picking his nose. She wrote as the tag-line: "We picked this picture to wish you a Merry Christmas!"

I think you should use your picture! It's AWESOME.


AWESOME! I don't know why you WOULDN'T use it! ;)

i triple dog dear you guys to do it! seriously - so many pics are the perfect family...this would make the mantle for sure. the hall of fame for best photo ever!

You totally should! At least for one little one if you do a card with two or three pix. Hey - my neighbor-the-toolbench-giver sent a card one year with her girls both crying their heads off and it was hilarious!!! Be bold!

Absolutely! Maybe make one set for people without a sense of humor but everyone else will LOVE it.

That wasn't clear. I meant make a different set with everyone looking "normal" for those with a hair across their bum about Christmas (everyone knows a few) but for everyone ELSE, give this awesome one.

Love it!! As I posted on Chris' site, how do I get on the list to receive this amazing photo?

Do it Do it! It's fantastic!

You should totally use it, at least in addition to another standard, lovely smiling faced photo. Now, please (please! pretty please!) do share where you found that fabulous jacket & tie that Mr. Owen is sporting! LOVE IT!!!

I really, so much want you to.

Merry christmas to each and every one of you.

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