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Thursday morning, Thanksgiving, 1:00 AM. I woke up with the unmistakable knowledge that I was going to vomit in the very near future. A stomach bug has been running roughshod through Mia's kindergarten, and I had it. Oh boy, did I have it. It was not a pleasant night.

When I finally pulled myself out of bed sometime late Thursday morning I tried to pretend all was well. I could do this. No problem. There was no way I was going to miss Thanksgiving. It took about an hour before I was on the phone to my mom, who was hosting, to say sorry, there was no way I could do this today. I was just about to start begging Chris to take the kids and leave me at home, when my dad called back. Let's reschedule, he said. Saturday, Sunday, whatever works.

I burst into tears. It took ten minutes to work it all out. My family, my entire family, was going to reschedule Thanksgiving so that I could be there.

I don't think I was conscious for more than four or five hours of Thursday. Friday was pretty bad. Saturday was a bit better, but I didn't really feel mostly ok again until Sunday morning, and I would still just as soon not have to deal with food at all, if it is all the same to you.

But Chris was home to take care of the kids when I couldn't, and I just got back from Thanksgiving dinner. And it didn't matter that we were three days late or that everyone else was mostly through the leftovers already. My family was there and the kids were going insane with the pure glee of being together and there was a table full of food that I mostly didn't eat and it was the best Thanksgiving ever.

I hope that yours was excellent as well.

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It must be the year to wake up sick on Thanksgiving (me too!). Three cheers to your family for their flexibility! That's awesome. Hope you feel all better soon!

Oh, I had that bug two weeks ago and it is brutal. It took me about 4 days to feel better.

I'm glad you are better now.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Looks like you got all the important parts right, anyhow, with all the family and the love

We had two Thanksgivings. Neither of them was on Thursday. This was the best Thanksgiving ever. :)

I think you have the best, most properly prioritized family that ever was. I know if I was sick my family would save me a drumstick (probably) but rescheduling the whole thing just for you must make you feel like the most special person vomiting on Thanksgiving. So even though you had your head in the toilet for the better part of this week, I think you are a pretty lucky lady. I am glad to hear you are feeling better now. NOW you have everything.

I'm glad you're feeling better, and Oh man. I am tearing up a little at your family postponing thanksgiving for you. I mean, that's what it's all ABOUT, right? *sniff sniff* *sigh* (am also hormonal and watched way too many Christmas movies this weekend. AM IN THE SPIRIT.)

Glad you are feeling better!!

Glad you are feeling better! Yikes!!

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