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The Air is Very High in Fat

Every wooden spoon, mixing bowl, measuring cup and measuring spoon in my house is currently dirty, and I am only responsible for half of dessert tomorrow. Well, half of dessert and three meals a day for three people (plus dinner and cleaning up pop tart crumbs for my husband). There are three flavors of homemade ice cream in the freezer, Swistle's salt toffee brownies on the counter, and gingerbread dough in the fridge ready to be made into men by the children come morning. I suspect just walking into my house causes you to gain five pounds. Chris keeps suggesting that I do less, like maybe have only two flavors of homemade ice cream in the freezer, but he does not understand the baking=love equation, clearly.

Also, I went to pick up something I saw offered on Freecycle this afternoon (not as addicted as before, but have gotten a bedframe, a Little Mermaid game, and a tool bench larger than I am since Saturday) (ok, maybe still totally addicted), and I was standing at my car with the lady who was giving me the massive toy tool bench trying to wrestle the damned thing into my car and her neighbor came out and said "Are you Beth?" As soon as she said it, I knew she read my blog, there's just a look people get. It always amuses the crap out of me, I mean, I've sort of known you for years and had no idea you lived two miles from me.

I was telling Chris this story, and when I got to the part about how she recognized me from my blog, he said "how did she know?" And I said, well, she was right there... (blank stare from Chris) looking at me... (more blank stare from Chris) and at Mia... (continued lack of comprehension). Well, I don't know how she knew. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that she has eyes." And he said, "so she just recognized you?" Apparently it has never happened to him, so then I had to explain how many of our friends are people I ran into in the library or grocery store who I already knew online and just didn't know we were neighbors. It has happened so often to me that I was pretty shocked it has never happened to him.

How about you? Have you ever been recognized? Done the recognizing? (Lisa, was I your first?)

And also, in the spirit of the season, I am thankful that none of the people who have recognized me have turned out to be crazy wacko stalkers who want to lock me in their basement and force me to eat bacon.

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I haven't ever recognized anyone from their blog, but it is kind of surreal meeting people you 'know' on the internet in real life (You! Sundry!). This post reminded me though, that I swear I saw Chris standing & waiting to cross the street last week and I totally forgot about it until I read this. I just emailed him. Probably it wasn't him, but if it about timing!

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy all those desserts. Especially Swistle's brownies. I have been thinking about them ever since she posted the recipe. Mmm...

Geez, are you serious? I yearn for those kinds of stalkers.

I've been recognized at blogger meet ups, but I'm not sure that counts. I wasn't even wearing a name tag. I was just animatedly talking and apparently my cynicism was like the floor in The Tell-Tale Heart and the next thing I knew, I was being pawed by a couple of people. No bacon, though, which was and remains a serious bummer.

I deliberately only post fairly obscure pictures of myself online, so I've never been recognized in that way. However, when I was in DC last year, I was half-hoping to run into your family! Only half-hoping because I never know what to say when I run into someone in that way. I've seen semi-famous people pretty often just out in public (yes, we have semi-famous people in Michigan!), and I always just grin at them stupidly and say nothing. When I go to book signings and things, I have no problem talking to people but just randomly running into them, it seems more invasive to try to strike up a conversation. And what would we converse about? I'd say, "Hey, aren't you...?" and they'd say "Yes" and I'd say, "I love your work" and then what? How's the weather? Anyway...

:) Hi again!
How funny! I was wondering if you thought I was a weirdo. I'm pretty harmless, so don't worry! And if I'd known I was gonna run into someone famous at my next door neighbor's house I would have even brushed my hair or something!!!

I don't know how long I've been reading you....since before Owen was born for sure....and I can't remember how I happened upon your site either. I knew you lived close-ish, but didn't realize you were close enough to be on my Freecycle group. How fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

Yup, been recognised and recognised others, and then done that thing where you really hope you're not going to freak out the person you recognised by saying hi. But when people email me to say they think they saw me (and they had) I always tell them to say hi next time and not to worry about it.

Happy baking!

Not from my blog, but from the newspaper. There was a story about me going to Germany in 2009 and then pictures of me with Anneliese and her 4 pups and this woman came up to me in the store and said, "Hey, you're that crazy dachshund lady!"

Oh how lovely that one of your readers actually got to meet you. I think it would take great willpower for me not to hug you if I ever met you. Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving Day. I have dressing cooking in oven and pies already made and other things. Then going over to daughters for lunch time meal. Good times.

Once. And the connection is a blog but irl first person. It is a little weird when we see each other around. She is very nice, but we are not friends because we have different lives and such.

Well, my blog is only read by family and friends, so I wouldn't think I'd be recognized by anyone I don't know.

BUT, I have a pretty unique bumper sticker on the back of my car: "My husband and my son share a liver! Living organ donors save lives." and people will sometimes come up to me and say, "I've seen that bumper sticker driving around town for years, and wanted to let you know that I always pray for your son." It's really sweet and nice when people recognize me for that and let me know that they have registered to be an organ donor because of it!

OMG did you eat ALL the brownies?? Because I ate all the ones I didn't give away first. I need to make another batch for holiday stuff, but I think I'd better make them when I'm FULL-UP on M&Ms or something.

I've never been recognized in person on the spot by someone who said my name, but someone left me a comment saying she saw me in Target and that kind of blew my circuits.

Haven't been recognized from any blogging I have done, but there were a few stories on the local news about the nonprofit I run and people would see me, stop in the their tracks, and say, "I know you! HOW do I know you?" Pretty neat but also a little bit weird.

I'd actually be okay with the bacon thing. For a few days, at least.

In my heyday of blogging, yes. I was recognized several times and it never failed to amaze me. My husband found it hysterical - he joked that his wife was a rock star (the adoption blogging community is a wee bit smaller than the mommy blogging community lol). Someone approached us in the Houston airport once and asked if I was MichelleSmiles and my husband teased me for weeks.

But the one that totally cracked me up was my mom. I posted a picture of her once. She accompanied me to Guatemala to visit my daughter before our adoption was complete. A woman approached her at baggage claim in the Guatemala airport and said "Are you Michelle's mom?" She was completely creeped out and came running to find me before the stalker could hack her up. LOL

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