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Things That Annoy Me (in July)

So, I wrote this in July and never published it, don't know why. I present it now as a partial list of things that annoy me. In July.

Grocery stores where you can't take the cart into the parking lot and have to leave it next to the store with your groceries, go get your car, drive up, and then get out to load your groceries. I suppose in theory there is someone there to load your groceries for you and it is a nice little service for the consumer, but in practice it means carrying Owen (and sometimes Mia as well) across the parking lot rather than pushing one or both of them in the very convenient cart I was forced to surrender at the curb, strapping them into their car seats, handing out snacks and drinks, and, as often as not, getting most of the way home before I remember to go pick up my groceries.

People who say they got a flu shot but then they got the flu so flu shots don't work. I mean sure, that is annoying, but it is also the very nature of flu shots.

When someone asks you for advice, and you give them the best advice you can muster, and you get no response at all. I mean, even if they think it is the worst advice they have ever gotten in their entire life and they sort of can't believe they are even friends with you and you have just given them a road map of exactly what not to ever do, they could at least say "thanks," right? (I've done this myself. More than once, I am sure.)

People who don't RSVP. Seriously? Come on. Not that hard. (Done this one myself too. More than once, I am sure.)

Texting. Specifically how easy it is to intend to send something to Chris and send it to my mom instead. So far it has only been mundane stuff like what to have for dinner, but you know, that's just so far. There is disaster ahead and I know it and even knowing it I don't think I will be able to avoid it. Makes me wonder how people manage to conduct successful affairs.

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Regarding the last one, I purposely had to rename my friend Aimee in my contact list to ZAimee because she got so many mistaken dials, texts, kids playing with the phone, etc. She was the 1st person, alphabetically, so she won that prize. Second in line was BAL (which I think has something to do with the balance of minutes I have left or something. I don't care if I prank them 3 times a day).

As someone who will be having a birthday party next week, can I send an AMEN about the RSVP one? My family is the worst offenders and I know family is family but I kind of need to know how much food to buy. My family includes quite a few young men who are both thoughtless and food vacuums so do I get a sandwich platter or 2 sides of beef? Let a girl know!

I have been the lucky recipient of a text from my 20 yr old son.... to his girlfriend! Uh, yeah. We laugh about it (now)!

We've been married 9 years this past June, and my husband STILL gets angry every time someone mentions the response cards (WITH STAMP) included in each invitation. About half of the invitees didn't respond either way.

Sometimes I bring it up just to get a rise out of him :)

Wait, do we live in the same country? What is this leaving the grocery cart at the curb and driving up thing? Is it to prevent cart theft? I'll tell you two solutions to that, from two places I lived. One, in France, you have to put a coin in a slot in order to get a cart. You get the coin back when you put the cart back. Two, the nearest Kroger has painted yellow "border" lines in the parking lot. Attempt to take a cart past the lines, and the wheels lock up. This is possibly to prevent college students from stealing carts, since the store is very close to campus.

But really. Leaving your cart at the curb to get your car? Gah. Whatever. OH! I just remembered! When I lived in Wooster, Ohio, in 1993, there was a grocery store where you could pay for your groceries and leave your cart in the store, and then you'd drive your car up and an attendant would put your groceries in your trunk. But I'm thinking that's not what's going on in your neighborhood.

(Sorry for the long comment. I haven't blogged in weeks.)

RSVPs. As someone that has been on the inner circle of wedding planning and is about to start planning her own, this makes me nervous. I don't want to be ripping my hair out in June trying to nail down the guest list.

Groceries: That is dumb. Couldn't somebody steal your groceries? Or even just the cookies?

Just this morning I got a random text from an unknown number: Dude, it's jr, I need and oxy, can you bring me one?" What the heck is that?

Not RSVPing drives me INSANE. My poor sister is throwing me a baby shower and out of 30 people, she's had 4 RSVP so far (invites have been out for 2 weeks). A good friend of mine recently got married, 50 people RSVP'd and 200 showed up. WTF?!

Also, the texting issue? How about picture messaging? My poor boyfriend had this happen when he tried to send me a photo certain body part..while we were preparing to meet for a long, childfree weekend. Some random lady called him to chat about the photo she received!

I often wonder how people conduct affairs as well. It seems like an awful lot of work. You know, besides being awful in general and not a nice thing to do.

BTW, love the new pictures of the kids!

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