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Christmas Card Therapy

Chris and I went out last night to celebrate his birthday (which is today, Happy Birthday Chris, and as always, thank you for being older than me). We had a lovely evening, which was capped off at 11:30 when Owen popped up out of bed with croup. Croup, of all things. My oldest kid is five and a half and Owen is almost three and we have never had croup. Anyway, Chris got to herald in his birthday holding Owen upright in the guest bed, checking his breathing every few minutes.

I spent the night similarly, although I was holding chest-cold-afflicted Mia upright in my bed. It was one of those very long nights that parenthood provides in abundance, and tonight promises more of the same.

So, when I happened to be ordering our Christmas cards this morning, I ordered entirely too many. Because it cost $5, and I remembered what fun I had exchanging Christmas cards with you guys a couple of years back and it cheered me right out of my poor-me funk to think about doing it again.

So, I have far more Christmas cards than I need, and if you have an extra lying around your house and would like to arrange a trade, leave me a comment. Now, when I did this before, I had a P.O. box, which is no longer the case, so I am going to be pretty stringent about only doing this with those of you I've known a while, at least. Nothing against the lurkers, some of the best emails and comments I have ever gotten have come from lurkers, but if I don't know you, you aren't getting my address.

Anyway, leave a comment if interested (please do not put your address in my comments), and I will email you back and we will make arrangements to spread a little holiday cheer in each other's directions. And the happy thoughts of all the mail and all the pictures and all the whatnot will give me something to focus on while I am holding a hacking child all night tonight.

Comments (36)

Yes! Most definitely, for I love the Christmas cards.

Yes, please!

Oh, I LOVE this! Please add me to the list.

Yes! Last year was my first year exchanging with bloggers and it was SO MUCH FUN! So, if you feel I pass your "been around awhile test" I'd love to exchange with you!

yes, please. :)

Sending healthy vibes...

I would dearly love to get a Christmas card - I think Owen was still a twinkle in your and Chris's eyes the last time I got a card. It's still around here somewhere to, because I am terrible about throwing things away. Maybe if I get a new one, I'll finally get rid of the old ;-)

I was part of your card exchange last time and it was so much fun!

I would love to if I make the cut ;-) I think I may have done it before (I'll know when I dig out my Christmas decorations. I love to save picture cards and see how kids have grown).

If I make the cut, I am so in. Btw...this is my work email,the best way to reach me. ;)

I'll be praying for the kids health and adults strength!!

Fun! I'll do it, if you want...

Well, I have only commented a few times, so if you don't wanna that is totally fine - but if you do - yay! I love Christmas cards!

I hope i make the cut! Have been enjoying you for years, you make me laugh out loud..Good luck with the kids, sick kids kinda suck...


Unless I qualify as a lurker, in which case...


I fall somewhere within the vast expanse between lurker and "know you"...and I'd love to exchange cards.

we exchanged cards a few years ago and would love to go it again!

I'd love to participate... I've had a collection of cactus-fish holiday cards over the years and would love to get another one... (I used to blog at but I changed domains)

Oh croup, you stupid, middle-of-the-night bitch. We've experienced it once and then, for fun, a "croup-like cough" that went along with the flu this fall.

Other than the stomach flu, croup was my least favorite ailment.


(Hope everyone feels better soon.)

(I want a card, too!)

I would also love one, and I think by now, you have mine, yes?
Hope the kids feel better soon!

I'd love a card exchange! No offense if you're not into it. I dig you the same.

We were just online getting ours ready last night and it seems every year they get higher in price, or the company we used last year is $10 higher than the other company this year. Yada yada yada. Either way, I'm not deterred. I really like the tradition. We get to see pictures of some family and friends that we now only see once or twice a year. It's always worth it.

Best of luck with the croup. I know it's hard on you guys. My son had something similar a couple of years ago where his crying made it worse and we ended up in the emergency room getting a breathing treatment. In the end it was just a terrible bronchitis/cold thing but it was miserable for a while. It is temporary though. :)

Sounds like fun! Guess I'd better get on it and get my cards.

Oooh! ME ME ME!

Infrequent commenter but I'll try judt the same. My cards this year are done with caricatures and I just think they're too darn cute for words. That plus my hubs vetoed the boy-sticking-out-his-tongue bah humbug card I wanted to make. I'm secretly hoping you chose the wild photo for your cards....

Used to comment regularly, and blog regularly, but am probably considered a lurker anymore! Still read every post though, but figure people get tired of hearing the same thing in their comments 10 times! Our Christmas cards just arrived today so am very excited about that! An exchange would be fun! As would not using an exclamation point in each sentence...

I'd love to exchange cards again, although I haven't commented in a while. My son, Owen, walked by while I was reading your blog and he saw the pictures of your Owen and Mia and said, "Hey, those are those kids from the Christmas card and your computer friend." At least he remembers it!

Good luck tonight with the kiddos.

I'd love to be added. Just started addressing my cards yesterday.

Do you want to send a card to Canada? I mean, I'm so far that your safety is guaranteed. I've been reading since Mia was 4 months old. Back when I was just learning what blogs were. I can't believe it has been that long!

Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeease send me one. but ONLY if you use that awesome picture that sums up what it is to take a Christmas Picture with many people and have everyone look halfway decent. You guys all look totally 100% decent,of course.

Also, I'm PRETTY SURE I'll get around to putting together a Christmas card this year. but if I flake, you will get a NEW YEAR'S card instead and how awesome is that? MAIL! After everyone else sends THEIR mail!

also, croup is EVIL.

Would love to but not sure if I'd make the shortlist :) and as last posting for USA from UK as Monday (and it's now Tuesday, I think), MERRY CHRISTMAS from us!

Count me in! (If you dare.... :)

Yes please! We exchanged a few years ago, so you might already have my email address. Would love to display your gorgeous Christmas picture in my home! :-)

I know you dont know me well...but have been reading and commenting for years. You may remember all the advice you gave me (breastfeeding, "baby having") since I was pregnant with my first while you were pregnant with Owen. To the point: I WOULD LOVE TO EXCHANGE CHRISTMAS CARDS! Wouldn't you LOVE to have a card from St. Louis?
Pretty Please?
Hugs and Healthy Vibes-

I know Isabel would love to exchange cards with Mia. I suppose I could make a phone call and get your address, but this is a more fun way and then she can do it with me.

Ooh I'd like to exchange cards, it will get me motivated to get mine done! ha

Oh count me in, that is if you want to count in a mostly lurker sometimes commenter! I'd love to exchange!

If you still have some extra cards, I would love to receive one. Hope you family has a very Merry Christmas.

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