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Had to Happen Sometime

We had an inch of snow around here last week, which meant that the kids got out of school two hours early one day and went to school two hours late the next, because despite the fact that we get several accumulating snowfalls every year and that occasionally those accumulating snowfalls accumulate to the tune of 20 or so inches, when white things start falling from the sky, most people around here firmly believe it is the end of times.

Anyway, on the day they went in late, the kids wanted to go play in the light dusting of snow before school. So I got them dressed and bundled up to within an inch of their lives and then just threw my snow pants (really a pair of Adidas workout pants) and coat and scarf and such on over my pajamas and out we went. And then I drove Mia to school, because it was frigid and she was already half frozen and I had to go out anyway, and then Owen and I went to Target and the beer store and it wasn't until I was pushing my beer-and-Owen-laden cart out to the parking lot that I realized I was still wearing my pajamas. Which, considering how often I go to Target, was really only a matter of time.

And now, a tip on making it cheerfully through Christmas. If you are ordering from Amazon, hold onto those little inflated bag things that they use instead of bubble wrap. Because then when your kid spots the $5 Play-Dough cake making set that you got for your niece and pitches a huge, wobbly, pouting fit about it being for your niece and not for her and continues said fit even when you point out the frankly embarrassing number of wrapped boxes under the tree with her name on it, it is quite satisfying to go down to the basement and stomp those suckers until they pop. Purely in the name of cleaning up, of course.

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I think I may need to move to where you are. We got 17 inches last weekend - just about every district around us cancelled or delayed on Monday because the plows were so far behind. Our superintendent was like, "Meh."

Excellent tip - wish I'd have thought of that!

yesterday morning there was a fit from the nearly four year old about gifts. my husband promptly took one out from under the tree and said "I just take that one back to the store". I was aghast. OH-my-god-he's-gonna-ruin-the-baby's-christmas!!!! And immediately her outlook changed. later in the day two more presents were hauled out from under the tree and sent into the oblivion of my closet to correct further behavior. UNBELIEVABLE.
I never woulda done it...but him, he's more the disciplinarian. Wow. And it worked.
She's smart now I have to wrap them again, differently. And...what the hell are we gonna do to get her attention in January.
C'est la vie!

Ah, the power of bubble wrap. I actually discovered its usefulness in relieving frustration or stress when a friend gave me a big pile to stomp on when I was in the middle of exam week back in law school. It was quite therapeutic.

I probably should have saved up that bubble wrap from all the wedding gifts we received earlier this year. Hmm...

Darn. I used them for shipping I had to do, but I like your idea much better. Next time my shippees get old newspaper.

Haha I just popped some of those yesterday. It was super fun :D

I like the comment about taking presents under the tree. I was just saying to my husband last night that I never hear any parents using "Santa's watching you" anymore. One year Santa actually brought coal to us kids.

Merry Christmas!! I really meant to send you an e-card but the broadband broke (no, it really did....) and we are now between providers (piggy backing my Dad's account:) to write this!). Glad it's not just us Brits that can't cope with snow.....

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