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The Cards are Coming! The Cards are Coming!

The Christmas cards have started arriving, and it is every bit as much fabulous fun as I hoped it would be. I love the cards and the letters and the pictures of the kids, and especially loved the cutest Christmas card/pregnancy announcement in the history of either. My cards (most of them, anyway) went out yesterday. My mother got hers today and was appalled, so at least the rest of you have something to look forward to.

(And you had better appreciate it, because I hand-addressed so many envelopes that my good pen ran out of ink. Do you have a good pen? One you like to write with that you stash away where the kids can't reach it and chew on it or turn it into a finger puppet or use it to stab a glue stick? I mean, this was my teacher note pen, and now it is no more. For a good cause, surely, but what a lousy time to blow through your good pen. Wait, are you all looking at me funny? I'll move on.)

Owen and I put up the outside lights and ground-based decorations today (the wreaths went up on the windows last week). It was 34 degrees, but he was demanding to play outside and we'd already been out on the swingset for an hour and he refused to go inside so I figured we may as well get something done. And you know those houses that are beautifully decorated and totally pulled together and have a theme and perfectly arranged lights? We are not one of those. I mean, we are never one of those, but this year I put Owen entirely in charge of the outside decorations. The results are predictable, they look like a two year old did it. But the two year old in question was thrilled, so it works for me.

I lost my voice on Wednesday, Chris says I sound like Mr. Bill and I can't argue with him. The only good part is that the kids find it hysterical when I sing Christmas carols. If it isn't better tomorrow I'm going to record myself and post it here so you can all enjoy the hilarity at my expense.

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I'm getting there! I bought my American stamp today.

Glad you enjoyed my card!! Looking forward to yours. If only I was crafty and could think of a festive way to display all these cards I am getting...hmmmmm....

BEST. CHRISTMAS CARD. EVER! LOL! Love the message as well. I now have a Christmas card role model. Thank you.

My card just arrived. Yeah! Love love love it!
Please post pics of Owens decorators touch.

I am sorry to hear about your good pen, but go ahead and post that Christmas carol. I'll sing along with you since my voice is gone, too! Its what I get from trying to hack up a lung.

Ours is definitely going to be a New Year's card this now you have something to look forward to!

Just got your card! It's super cute! Sent ours out Friday, glad that's checked off my list. Thanks fir including me, I think this is really fun and wish more of the people I've been reading for years would too. Thanks again!

Thank you for using up your good pen on me. We got the card and it is fabulous! Yours is coming. It is addressed (as are most of my cards) but I'd have to actually find the time to get some postage. And mail them. Have no fear - it is coming!

I received the card, which was even lovelier in my hands than it was on my screen. Mine will make it up yonder, assuming you aren't coated in ice and unreachable soon.

Also, Mia seems so normal, comparatively speaking, which makes me wonder: If I send you the contact information for my therapist, would you promise to give it to Mia when she's old enough? Y'know...just in case.

I hereby pronounce you the Winner of the 2010 Card Exchange in the category of Awesomest Card EVAR. Seriously, it's awesome, Beth. I'm so glad you used that photo. And your caption (yours in sophistication and decorum) was PERFECT. It cracks me up every time I see it.

(My cards are still being manufactured by the good people at Shutterfly...)

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