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Today I went out, to Target of course, and bought a pair of yoga pants specifically intended to be worn in public. This was a first for me. Sure, before I had kids and I used to go to the gym after work every day I sometimes ran into the grocery store afterwards in my post-workout yoga pants. And once or twice over the summer I took Mia to swim team practice in yoga pants. But overall, I have been firmly in the "yoga pants are for when you are actually exercising or actually in your own house" camp. (I am also firmly in the "leggings are not pants" camp, but that isn't really relevant here.)

So I wear actual pants. Every day. But everywhere I go I see all the other women sporting yoga pants, and they just look so... comfortable. And considering that many of my days the biggest adventure is a trip to the cleaners or the post office and also considering that I spend a lot of my time in parent/child gymnastics classes or sitting on the floor at the library or sprinting around a playground to keep one child or another from unwittingly killing themselves, I decided to give it a shot.

So I bought some new yoga pants. Four pairs, really, but three were far too tight in the rear to be worn out of the house. One pair was ok, and I am now considering them my "good" yoga pants. My "fancy" yoga pants. My "formal" yoga pants, if you will. I may even consider wearing them in public tomorrow, just to see how it goes. But first, I have some questions.

  1. Where do you come down on yoga pants?
  2. What do you do about the visible panty lines issue?
  3. If you tell me that you are all running around in thongs under your yoga pants I am going to cry. Do you want to make me cry?
  4. Since I brought it up; Leggings: Pants or Not Pants?
  5. Was that a correct use of the semi-colon up there? I suspect not.
  6. What about the colon though? That one was ok, yes?
  7. Have you entered to win the Tassimo I am giving away? If not, scroll down and enter, the odds are pretty good at this point.

Comments (33)

Not pants. Definitely not pants. Think semi-colon no, colon yes.

1. Yoga pants are workout only pants. I feel too slovenly in them to even wear them around the house. This is purely a personal problem.
2. Ignore it. I'm working out.
3. I only wear thongs under duress.
4. Not Pants.
5. No, but we love you anyway.
6. *thumbs up*
7. No, because I can't get over the ongoing cost/waste issues. But I'm sure it will make someone very happy.

Ha! I totally posted on Chris's blog this morning that since I work from home my uniform is black yoga pants and a tunic sweater/shirt. I am firmly in the pro yoga pants camp. I think leggings can be pants, but both MUST be worn with a longer shirt for maximum ass coverage. I don't worry about panty lines (see: maximum ass coverage).

I don't know about the colon/semi-colon issue but don't tell my college English professors. Since I left school I like to throw random punctuation wherever I see fit. It is my way of sticking it to the man.

I already entered your contest, but consider this an extra pretty please.

I can't quite bring myself to wear yoga pants "out." But for panty-line related issues (like, when I'm at the gym and don't want the girl behind me in class to know the precise contours of my underpants) I highly recommend the mesh boy shorts they sell at old navy. I can't find them online, but they're pretty much always in stock in the store near me. They're lightweight, have really flat seams (to minimize lines), and do not crawl up your butt. Also, cheap. Thumbs up.

1. I am fashion challenged. Actually, even using the words "I" and "fashion" seem like I am giving myself too much credit for knowing what fashion is. I cover my private areas and flabby areas for the good of humanity. Yoga pants help me fulfill this obligation whenever my jeans are dirty or I think I might see someone who could be under the sometimes true assumption that I am wearing the same 3 pairs of jeans every single day. Throws them off the track.

2. I don't look back there. Problem solved.
(Mine are black and sort of thick and I really never noticed a panty line but again, fashion challenged).

3. I do not want to make you cry and I would not enjoy flossing my bum and negating any comfort I was gaining by wearing yoga pants. Life is too short to subject YOURSELF to wedgies.

4.Leggings? I don't think so. But I don't have the build for them and also I am 35. They don't offend me like the peek-a-boo bra craze a while back but I would say they are for skinny teenagers to wear with long shirts and belts and lots of funky jewelry. Not for me.

5. Semicolons are a mystery to me. Surely one should be able to come to a decision between a period and a comma. You have a 50/50 chance of being right. I don't question people who used semi colons though. I assume they know what they are doing.

6. Colons I am SO down with and yes, that colon rocked!

7. I did not because I don't drink coffee AND I got one of those Keurig dealies for being at my job for 10 years. Or I should say, my husband got one of those Keurig dealies for me working at my job for 10 years. I wouldn't want to accidentally win and take it from somebody who really likes coffee.

1. I say go for it. I work as a behavorial therapist and spend most of my day sitting on the floor or chasing kiddos. I would so wear yoga pants if they let me. I'm just glad they'll let me wear jeans.

2. I go commando. Don't knock it til you try it. I guess that answers number 3 too!

4. Leggings are not pants. I won't even let my daughter wear leggings without a skirt over them and she's built like a toothpick.

5. Punctuation and I are not friends. So I have no idea, but if you want to rock a colon or a semi-colon go on with your bad self.

7. No I didn't enter. I already have one. But thanks for asking!

1. I wear them an awful lot, though at the moment largely because most of my jeans have holes, and new jeans are expensive.
2. Ummm. I have these ultra-soft thongs that are actually really comfy.
3. Sorry :( Please don't cry.
4. So.Not.Pants.
5. Alas, no.
6. Yes, very nice work dear.
7. Noooo because Tassimo hates Canadians :P

1. I consider my sweatpants in-house only, so for me yoga pants are practically dressy. I can't tell you how many times a day I change, although often in and out of mostly the same outfit for days. Jeans and sometimes yoga pants when I go out, back into sweatpants as soon as I get home. Change into workout gear, back into sweats. Then back into jeans to go out again.

It's like I live in the olden days with morning dresses and walking dresses and riding habits and dinner wear and ball gowns.

2. I don't worry about VPL unless it's staring me in the face or horrifically obvious.

3. I have a thong. It's not too uncomfortable, but I don't have the butt for it, so I don't wear it.

4. Leggings are for people with the right body (not me) and should be worn with a long shirt.

5. No.

6. I think so.

7. Done!

Leggings are not pants. You used the semi-colon AND the colon correctly. Yes to yoga pants.

Have you seen these fleece-lined tights?

I bought some for my sister in Vermont, and she's totally in love with them.

1. I only wear them to yoga (when I go, which is not very often at all)

2. I wear a thong

3. I don't want you to cry, but, thongs really aren't that bad.

4. I'm on the fence. My 5 1/2 year old only wears leggings so they are pants in her mind and I call them pants every morning when I am screaming, I mean gently reminding her "put your pants on!"

5. I am the worst with ; : , so I am going to say yes you used it correctly (because I would've too)

6. Yes 100% for sure

7. No. Because like your mom I have a Keurig which I love enough to pack it and take it with me. My only issue with the single cup brewers (keurig included) is it isn't hot enough. I tend to set my cup down and chase after a ferral child and when I can sit down again it's always too cold.

i am in the mostly-wears-yoga-pants-in-public when i'm just momming around camp. i tend to console myself with the thought that if i'm wearing anthro lounge pants, i'm not REALLY just running around in sweats, right? but seriously. comfort is key. cute comfort but comfort nonetheless.

i tend to avoid the panty line issue by wearing boy briefs that don't squeeze. and by wearing yoga pants that fold down over my butt. the foldier the better. no thongs, ugh.

leggings are pants. i love wearing a long tee or sweater, some winter weight leggings or cargo leggings and boots. again, comfortable and cute. but i have seen some people that should not wear leggings, so i can see how it's controversial. i even have a pair of fold-over leggings. now that is a quality combo! hahaha.

let us know how it goes tomorrow ;)

I think yoga pants are fine as long as they are not worn go for it!
I want to check out the Old Navy yoga pants that are supposed to do amazing things for one's a$$. I can't stand thongs & unless it's a dressy occassion, I could care less about panty lines. If you don't like them, then stop looking at my rear!! Agree with you on the grammar stuff. I like leggings provided they are not worn with a cut-off tshirt. They should be worn with the correct top. I am so, so hoping to win the Tassimo!!!

Yoga pants are fine to wear out, as long as they are not butt-hugging yoga pants. I wear Target pants almost daily with a cute top and think I look fabulous (thanks very much). I wore thongs before I was 9 months pregnant, but I totally understand those who don't want to, panty lines be damned!
Leggings as pants fall under my rule: spandex is a privilege, not a right. If you're privileged enough to wear them as pants, then so be it. If not, then no.

Don't move to Vancouver BC, birth place of LuluLemon. The required mom wear for weekends or SAH or WAH moms is yoga gear. And it ain't cheap. It used to be cheap(er). But now it costs the same as designer jeans. And you are judged by whether or not you have last year's style or the current one.

1. Where do you come down on yoga pants?

I'm a fan. Wear them fairly frequently, but I like real pants too, so I like to mix it up a bit.

2. What do you do about the visible panty lines issue?

Boy briefs, commando or find looser fitting yoga pants and its a non-issue.

3. If you tell me that you are all running around in thongs under your yoga pants I am going to cry. Do you want to make me cry?

I would never ever intentionally do that, nor would I wear butt-floss.

4. Since I brought it up; Leggings: Pants or Not Pants?

Not exactly "pants", but I wear them as pants quite frequently. Lets just say they count as pants.

5. Was that a correct use of the semi-colon up there? I suspect not.

I have no idea and as long as you know how to use then and than appropriately, I don't care how bad your punctuation gets.

6. What about the colon though? That one was ok, yes?

See response to question 5.

7. Have you entered to win the Tassimo I am giving away? If not, scroll down and enter, the odds are pretty good at this point. No I haven't, but thanks for offering.

The husband is in the Keurig camp and I am more of a water, juice, Dr Pepper kind of gal. Good luck to those who are entering, though!

I only wear them to the gym. If I have errands to run afterwards I don't change but if I am at home and leaving the house for any reason, I'll toss on a pair of jeans.

2. What do you do about the visible panty lines issue?
I wear long t-shirts to make sure my but is covered. No one should really have to see my ass in yoga pants. It's not pretty.

Thong: never!

Leggings are in no way shape or form EVER pants. EVER. Sorry folks, but I can see your cellulite. Its nasty. No one needs to see every contour of your lady bits. And for the record -tights are not leggings. Or pants.

Punctuations rules? I don't know or judge.

Going to enter now, although I don't know what a Tassimo is...

yes on yoga pants as long as there as no visible THONG line, which answers one and two. I wear boy shorts so it's not an issue. leggings are cute with long shirts as long as they aren't see thru...tights aren't pants either. but I don't wear them like that. no, you didn't use the semi colon correctly, but way to rock the colon. and does this count as entering? I work in the pediatric icu...this coffee maker could literally be a life saver. no pressure. :)

1.Yoga pants are fine as long as you look okay in them.
2.I don't wear them myself (see #1) so I can't comment on the VPL.
3.I do not want to make you cry.
4.Leggings are not pants, but with a long enough sweater, they can be okay because the sweater becomes a dress and the leggings are just tights. But you might look like you are stuck in the 90s, and the rule in #1 still applies.
5.I would have used "..." - I think the semi-colon was not right, but I don't have a grammar rule to quote or anything.
6.I think the colon was spot-on, but again, no rule to quote.
7.Yes, pick me!

1. I generally only wear yoga pants out of the house if I'm running to the Rite Aid at midnight to get nyquil or if I'm running late getting the girl to school. It doesn't make sense to me to put my nice(r) clothes for the day on when I haven't gotten to my shower yet. So I guess I do go out in public in them occasionally since I do have to walk her to her line on the playground. I'm pretty sure it doesn't count if it's before 730 AM though.
2. If I'm out in yoga pants, it's with a long shirt. (And really, there are moms that walk onto the playground in pajama pants and slippers, so I think I'm doing pretty well with occasional yoga pants.)
3. Nope. Don't cry!
4. They are pants for my 5 year old, even for her it's usually only under dresses or long shirts... For adults? Not so much.
5. I have no idea.
6. Sure.
7. Nope, I haven't entered. I'm not even sure what Tassimo is... Oh wait is it like the Keurig? Cause I have one of those, even though I don't drink coffee really...

1.If I could wear my yoga pants to work, I would. I live in yoga pants during the weekends. They fit my lifestyle. I have numerous pairs.
2. I only wear thongs.
3. The thought of wearing anything other than thongs makes me cry. All. That. Fabric. Sniff. Bunching. Sniff. WAY too hot. Sniff, sniff. WAH!
4. Leggings are ONLY for really thin people, and then, wear them carefully.

1.) yoga pants? love em, so comfy! only during these small children years though.
2.) visible panty lines issue? get extra long t-shirts to cover my bum.
3.) Do you want to make me cry? No, my thong days are long over.
4.) Leggings: Pants or Not Pants? Pants, but only with boots and a LONG sweater or shirt.
5.) AND 6.) don't know, don't care.
7.) yes, I entered.
My favorite yoga pants are from Gap. You can get long, or capri length, they hold up very well after a million washes...a little pricey, but highly recommend.

Get some comfortable pants. Yoga pants are for working out. If you start wearing them around the house, its a short step to a mu mu and cocktails at 3 every day.

VPL? Wear panties that cover more, as in go up to where the yoga pants end at your waist. There are some sort of stretchy ones that work for this. If there are VPL its a sign something is too tight.

Dear god unless you are 10 percent body fat, NO ONE should wear leggings without a shirt that covers their butt. No one. And not a tight shirt that covers their butt either.

I'm not interested in the TASSO because it creates too much waste and that isn't' good for the environment.

I bought myself a pair of "formal" yoga pants last year and it was the best thing I ever did. You'll love them. And I think they look pretty decent, if you get a good pair with a nice shape to them that are just plain black. Totally acceptable for running errands and that sort of thing.

Yoga pants out yes yes yes AS LONG AS I have a 'nice' stop on and am wearing make-up. So i'm put together yet comfortable. And uh, my tops cover my ass so there you go. And a thong? HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!

Leggings ARE pants as long as the sweater/tunic covers the butt region.

Generally, I haven't worn yoga pants out unless I was running a few quick errands or going to the gym. Comfort seems to be ruling lately and it has been cold. I find myself wearing my yoga pants more often and everywhere.

My favorites are the Fila Sport Endurance Bootcut Pants. They are sold at Kohl's. They run $40.00 a pair. I watch for sales.

Never worn a thong.

Hey, Sheila - what's wrong with cocktails at 3?

Seriously -
1. yoga pants are fine for errands and stuff.
2. Anyone offended by VPL should look away.
3. Even if you wore a thong you'd probably accidentally flash some whale tail, which is worse. And pervs like my husband would hurt themselves trying to peek.
4. No. No. No!
5 & 6. No on the semi-colon, but you rocked the colon. Hmmm...that sounded dirty.
7. Thanks anyway

1. Work-out and post work-out errands. I'm usually more concerned about how bad my hair looks. Basically, I don't wear them to work.

2. Thong. Only a thong. Always a thong.

3. I don't want to make you cry.

4. I think they should be worn more as tights. Something else should cover the butt.

5 and 6. Sorry, can't help you. Looks fancy.

7. I'm Canadian.

Congratulations on your overall success!

1. Hey, they are comfortable, but must be decent (i.e. no camel toe and not too tight on the rear) to be worn anywhere but home/gym.
2. Stop looking at my butt.
3. No (with my butt??!!)
4. Not pants. With you on that one.
5. Yes (at least it is over here in England)and not sure.
6. I use colons before lists.
7. No - no space in my tiny kitchen for anymore gadgets.

Yoga pants are the best, especially the vs PINK brand. I wear them out constantly, one downfall to this is you do not realize your jeans have gotten rather "snug" over the holidays.

1. Nope, not in public except to the yoga studio
2. Good underwear
3. I've never owned a thong
4. Not pants, but okay under a long, flowy top or short dress
5. If I remember grade school grammar correctly, semi-colons are only supposed to separate clauses that can be complete sentences on their own.
7. Should I know what a Tassimo is? Sounds intriguing.

1. I just started wearing them myself, but that's mostly around the house and taking out the dog. I'm not sure I've lost enough "curves" from Baby The Third yet to venture into public with clinginess ...
2. Most of mine don't show, but again, only wearing them at home for now.
3. Thongs suck. Seriously, life is too short to walk around with a wedgie.
4. Well, I wore them the first time around twenty years ago so by my own Fashion Law I can't wear them anymore. They're not pants, just heavy tights with the feet off ... but they're very nice for keeping warm legs under wool skirts!
5. Nope, sorry.
6. Yes, it was!
7. I have, and I would love it! Please, please, please!!

1.Yoga pants are awesome. (I have recently grown entirly to fat to wear any of my jeans, all of which haves holes in the ass and crotch anyway.)
2.If my panties are covered then all I have to say is, "Quit looking at my ass, d-bag!"
3.I threw away all my thongs. It's time to give up the dream. Shall we cry together?
4.I would never wear them, but my daughter has has a big ol' butt (She's a very healthy weight, well within all the guidelines, totally normal looking, 8 year old with a juicy booty. Or, if you're Arsino Hall, an onion)so jeans are pretty much a no go. Leggings. Every. Day.
5.Te he, you said colon.
6.Not a clue.
7.I will now!

I wear my UnderArmour Cold Gear compression tights ALL THE TIME and they are COZY. Yoga pants are fine! I want some to wear to the animal shelter instead of jeans, cause I'm always sitting on the floor with kittens. I'll have to go check Target.

5. No. And here's the rule for future knowledge! Semi-colons separate two independent (but related) clauses. So, if both phrases on either side of the semi-colon COULD be a complete sentence, it is correct. If not, no.

You can also use the semi-colon to separate items in a list if there are phrases in the list that include commas.

Here's a helpful comic:

It's easy once you learn it, but it's weird if you don't know the rule!

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