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Loving, a Tip, Resolutions, and a Survey

Well, it seems I took an extended holiday break. Here's what you get:

Things I Am Loving Right Now:

  • Mia calling Owen "Owen Gregory" when she gets annoyed with him. Chris and I don't do the full name thing, so I have no idea where she got it.

  • Owen's belief that the day is divided into "night-night" and "playtime."

  • Mia's spontaneous "The Flu is No Fun" handwashing campaign, which has led to every sink in our house sporting a hand-drawn poster what that slogan and what I believe is a drawing of a hand with a face on the palm vomiting.

  • Owen carrying the Wall-E he got for Christmas around the house, giving him "sad eyes" and then comforting him until he stops crying.

  • Mia's dead on Southern accent. Again no idea where she got it.

A Tip:

If you are responsible for cutting someone else's toenails (I am thinking specifically of your children, but what you do in your free time is your own business), I have discovered the easiest way to do it. Have your victim lie down on their stomach and bend their knees so their feet are sticking up in the air and ta-da! Clip away.


This year I resolved to make things better in ways that won't make me miserable. Like recycling the shampoo bottles and soap boxes from upstairs instead of just throwing them away. Sure, upstairs is farther from the recycling bin, but I can just put whatever it is at the top of the stairs and both kids are old enough to be mostly trusted not to drink the last drop of conditioner and then I can take it down next time I go. Makes things a little better, does not make me miserable, therefore far more likely to last the year.


My least-favorite household chore is taking the vacuum cleaner apart and pulling all the hair out of the hoses and unwinding it from around the brush. I did it this morning for the first time in a long time and Mia's hair is past her waist, so you can imagine what I found in there. On the plus side, the vacuum works much better when it is not entirely clogged with hairballs.

What's your least-favorite household chore?

Comments (27)

I hate dishes. I can never be done with them. They multiply in the dark I swear.

I utterly hate getting hair out of the shower drain. Ick.

I loathe matching socks.

My husband vacuums the vacuum.


I really want to mock him ruthlessly for this, but yeah...we both know why I can't.

I hate putting the dishes away after they've been washed. And the laundry. And the children.

Schlepping groceries, putting them away, and cooking all count as one. I also hate cleaning out the shower drain , Heather. Just to round it out to three hates, let's say I hate shoveling the driveway & walks because the hubby's in FLORIDA playing golf. Prick.

Dishes. I love to cook, but hate to do the cleanup.

Emptying the dishwasher. I do not mind washing the dishes and putting them in there, but I loathe putting them away (our dishwasher doesn't work, so we use it as a drainer).

Cleaning the stove top. What was I think when I got a black stove? Ugh.

Dishes, for sure. I don't mind loading and unloading the dishwasher, but I hate doing the dishes that need to be done by hand.

The dishes. Scrubbing the floors. Cleaning the kids' bathroom sinks.

Pretty much anything that has to be cleaned again 5 minutes after I finished cleaning it.

My girls were also very Southern, even before we moved back to the South. Maybe it's one of the phases of speech development?

I loathe cleaning the tub (hubby does it, thankfully). And lately I hate, HATE dishes and am now campaigning to update our kitchen to include a dishwasher...wish me luck!

My least favorite is scrubbing the tub/shower. We live three miles from the ocean, and our apartment has old tile in the shower that was nasty when we moved in. I requires some major elbow grease on a regular basis, as well as the liberal application of bleach, which I hate using. And it gets nasty again in no time from all of the moisture in the air.

Washing the dishes, it's gross. I hope our next house has a dishwasher.

Grocery shopping! It's such an ordeal. First, clean out the fridge and cupboards to see what we need, toss the expired stuff and unidentifiable leftovers. Make a list. Find my reusable bags,drive to the store (which also involved showering and getting dressed, while dishes, vacuuming, laundry can all be done in my pajamas)walk around the store and find all the things on the list, load them onto the check out, bag them up, carry it all out to the car, drive home, unload the car (usually by myself) then put all that food away.


I don't particulary enjoy any of it - though not many do. I guess I find putting things away to be the worst. Hence, the Christmasness is not put away.

The dishes. I HATE doing the dishes, but I somehow always get stuck with them. :(

Bathrooms. I have 4.5 of them and I can't seem to regularly keep them all clean.

Glad to see you back! Missed your posts and stories.

Least favorite is cleaning the bathroom. Germs. I can't see them but I know they are there and I know where they came from. Blech!

I laughed at Mia having a southern accent. My daughter has NO accent. We live in Boston and my accent is embarrassing. To the point where I wanted to name my son Charlie but I knew I wouldn't even be able to listen to myself bellow "Chaaahhhlie" every time I needed to call him. So the fact that she talks like a newscaster blows my mind.

Oh boy, that would have been a job for Chris most definitely. I have a weird hair phobia. It's long and I love it, but when it's off my head just grosses me out.

Least favorite household chore is cleaning the bathroom. Bleck. That is generally Andrew's job and I handle the kitchen.

My cat totally understands how your vacuum feels., we got these thin recycling bins that go right next to our garbage cans in our upstairs bathrooms. It's amazing how much I have recycled since!

Happy New Year, Beth! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2011.

Mia's Southern Accent makes me laugh. Although I was born in Northern Indiana - I have lived in Las Vegas since I was 2 (35 now). Every person who meets me instantly says "you are midwestern! I can tell by your accent!"

The household chore I hate the most? Dusting. I hate dusting. I use the wand attachment of the vacuum as much as I can, but the fact is, in the desert, it just isn't enough. And 3 days later - it looks as though I haven't dusted in a whole danged year.

my least favorite household chore is ALL OF THEM.
Throw or roll the shampoo bottles down the stairs. That would be fun. :)

Cleaning the shower. Sure, all those farking tiles look pretty in the bathrooms on HGTV. Then you get your very own fancy bathroom and have to *clean* it. I really can't justify hiring a maid for just this one chore, but it would be nice. I don't mind stay at home stuff otherwise.

Least favorite: going through the closets and drawers to move out the too-small stuff and move in the just-the-right-size stuff.

Now as for your toenail tip - best tip EVER!! Just tried it out with my 4 year old. So much easier!!

My recycling tip for bathrooms involves sticking a plastic bag inside each wastebasket, sort of but not quite tucked over the edge about 3/4 of the way around. When we come up with a recyclable of some sort (plastic bottle, toilet paper roll, paper as designated by your particular recycling program, I just tuck it behind/outside of the plastic bag. "Wet" or non-recyclable "stuff" goes straight into the bag, all of which makes dumping/sorting much easier on trash day. If anyone knows of a small-to-moderately-sized dual- compartment trash container, I'd love to hear about it. Surely it's been invented!

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