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Pharma Drama. And a Winner!

I spend a lot of time at the pharmacy. An exceptional amount of time, considering that I am procuring prescriptions for four generally healthy people. But it is a small-ish pharmacy (so they tell me) and I have been going there for three and a half years, and both of the kids have had at least one minor condition requiring regular medication for a period of time, plus Mia had a fairly major illness which had me at the pharmacy nearly every day for two weeks, and then there are the usual childhood illness that are treated with this and that, plus the usual girlie stuff for me and my inhalers (damned asthma, I thought I left you in my adolescence). And as hard as I try to coordinate my refills so that I am only going once or twice a month to pick up several things at a time, I never manage to do it. Or if I do, someone gets sick and I am heading back to the pharmacy three hours after my carefully-planned bi-monthly run. To sum up, the pharmacy manager and most of the staff know me by name, and I know their schedules well enough that unless it is an emergency I only go to pick stuff up when my favorite pharmacy tech, Kevin, is working.

But that leads to a problem. Kevin and I are friendly. I mean, we aren't close, I know nothing about his life, I'm not the kind of girl that knows how to just make friends with strangers, but we chat and he asks about the kids if one or the other (or oh so rarely both) are not with me, and he totally acts like he either has no knowledge of what medication I am picking up or that he has no knowledge of what that medication is used to treat. Which is a fine way for him to act, but it isn't true. Of course he knows those things, so when my doctor called this week to follow up on my annual exam with the news that the lab has discovered a minor girlie problem for which I should take a pill, I told them to call it into my usual pharmacy without even thinking about it. And then I cringed. Oh no, I thought. Now I have to go pick this up from Kevin. And even though it is no big deal and I am an adult and it is his job, I was just a bit embarrassed. Enough to wonder whether I should choose an alternate pharmacy for the potentially-embarrassing prescriptions, just so Kevin doesn't have to know about them.

What to you think? Do you have one pharmacy? Two? Never needed a prescription to treat a condition you didn't want to shout from the rooftops and let everyone know you had? Never thought about it and now wracked with anxiety about what Steve down at Walgreen's knows about you? (Sorry if it is that last one, my bad.)


And now the moment you have been waiting for forever! Or at least since Monday! Maybe! Except that Mia has been sick since Sunday with one of those ridiculous fevers that drive everybody insane, and then she graciously gave it to me, and why oh why do I suddenly catch every last germ either kid brings home to me, I am an adult and isn't my immune system supposed to be stronger than theirs? Anyway, the winner of the Tassimo T-20! As chosen by Jedi mind trick! Oh sure, the random number generators claim to be totally random, but everybody knows the Jedi's always win. (Sorry, it is all Star Wars all the time here. Just tonight, Owen and Chris were both standing in a teeny tiny basket being Darth Vader (Chris) and Han Solo (Owen, obviously) frozen in carbonite, with Princess Leia (Mia, duh) struggling to force her way in.

What? Oh, right. Here we go:


Susan! Check your email, Susan, and thanks to everyone else who played along.

Comments (10)

I am totally bummed that I didn't win :(
Now I will go make tea with my Keurig in protest! Anyway, I go to a larger pharmacy and you know, I haven't worried about what I am picking up there recently. I used to feel really self-conscious about picking up my pill but I don't even think about it now. But if I had a more first name relationship with the staff, then I might feel that way too. I'd probably still go to the same place though b/c I'm sure that they have filled an Rx for far worse...that's how I'd coach myself thru it!

I worked as a retail pharmacist for 6 years and trust me when I tell you Kevin won't think twice about your ailment. If you are a nice customer (read: not throwing large bottles of tylenol at the rph's head) the pharmacy staff will love you. They are probably too frazzled by insurance issues, drug seeking behavior, and general chaos to remember your illness.

I think it is smarter to stay at one place. If there were a medication that could interact with another, a pharmacist could catch that but only if they know all of the medications. Kevin sounds like a professional. I'm sure he does sort of forget what the meds are as soon as they aren't in front of him. He's probably not judging.

See how I act like I am all above that sort of worry? I ordered bulk diapers and tampons off of Amazon last week. When the diapers came in a big diaper box on my doorstep, I thought about moving before the tampons were delivered so I wouldn't have to look my mailman in the eye ever again knowing he knew my awful secret. That I menstruate! The shame! The scandal!

Hurray! :)

I say, stick with the same pharmacy. You're right, Kevin knows what the meds are for, but I'm sure he's seen 20 other people that day with the same Rx (or "worse"). While it's embarrassing for you to know that he knows, I'm betting he won't think twice about it.

As a former pharmacy employee, I totally agree with Em. ...Er, and yet I'd probably go get it filled elsewhere anyway. I might COMPROMISE and get it filled at a different branch of the same chain (if your pharmacy is part of a chain): that way the info will still be in your linked-up file (and Kevin CAN see it but likely won't) for interactions, but Kevin won't be printing out the label and sticking it to the package and thinking, "Oh, hey, I know Beth!"

I think I'd just go to the same one. Unless my shamed reached "I think I might actually DIE" levels, then I might go to a different one for the Special Girlie Prescriptions. Probably though, I'd suck it up and greet Kevin (or go when he's not there) like nothing was unusual.

I go to one pharmacy. I wouldn't sweat it. I'm sure pharmacists see everything and are professional. If your still worried, just fill this one prescription elsewhere.

My sister is a pharmacist and gives me heck if I don't get all my stuff at one place, as she says that pharmacists need to know everything that you are taking to know about reactions. And we want our (highly paid) pharmacists taking care of us, right?

A while ago I had to go to the pharmacy for Plan B (morning after pill). In my region, you don't need to go to the doctor, the pharmacist can prescribe it. However, it does require a consultation where you have some 'splaining to do. It was an experience I will never forget and will hopefully never repeat. I do always feel a little awkward when I see that pharmacist is working. However, they are professionals. It's fine.

I got to one pharmacy for all my prescriptions (even the girle ones). It is an owner-managed, very small pharmacy, but the pharmacist (who is also the owner) is an awesome guy and so friendly. Yes, I do sometimes get embarrased when I have to fill a girlie prescription because I know he knows what it's for, but he's always cool and never makes me uncomfortable. The only time he really commented was when I started having to get prescriptions for fertility meds - he would wish me luck each month, and rather than it being creepy, it actually was quite sweet (he was just as happy as we were when I told him we were pregnant). I think getting the prescription filled is one of those things that somtetimes we over-think. Most pharmacists - even the ones with the personal touch - are still professionals. They know when it's okay to comment and when it's not. I am sure Kevin won't say anything, won't even think twice.

Its been so long since i have been to your sight and OH MY GOODNESS I've miss reading you Beth!! Your children have grown so big (and seemingly so quickly)... they are beautiful...
I won't stay away for so long now ...
Welcome back ME LOL...

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