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Who Wants a Tassimo?

This post is a sponsored review and giveaway of the Tassimo T20 "Hot Beverage System." (Honestly, my opinion of this product just went down when I discovered it was called a "system.") If you have no interest, don't read it. If you have no interest in the review but would like to try and win a free Tassimo T20, skip to the bolded bit at the bottom for direction. If you are willing to suffer through the second sponsored post I have written in seven years, the first being for KY Warming Sensual Mist, of course, then stay tuned.

So, let's do the business first. In exchange for writing this post, I received a Tassimo T20, a blue color kit, and packs of discs for hot chocolate, Starbucks cappuccino, and some utterly undrinkable coffee that I will not name because some people like coffee that tastes like bad, under-brewed tea and more power to them. I also get to give one Tassimo away free to one of my readers. I am not receiving any other compensation, and the opinions expressed in this review are mine alone.

Ok, here we go. We've had a Senseo single cup brewer for almost six years now and it has been fine. Well, not entirely fine since the original broke about two years ago but for some reason we had an extra lying around so everything continued just as it was. But the coffee was fine, and I am rather picky about coffee as you may have already gathered. At least I thought the coffee was fine. But then my parents came to stay with the kids for two nights when we went to Philadelphia and my mother brought her Keurig with her. Apparently my coffee was so bad that it could not be tolerated for two days. So when I got the offer to try the Tassimo, it sounded like a nice way to get something nice for one of you and also a way to save my mother from packing up her coffee pot every time she comes to visit.

(My poor mother, who is awesome and adored, has now become the butt of quite a few jokes between me and Chris. In fact, my parents recently went on a vacation in South America, and Chris and I spent the entire two weeks they were gone wondering whether my mom checked her Keurig or stored it in the overhead compartment on the plane. We finally decided that she probably held it cradled lovingly in her lap for the entire flight. Sorry, Mom.)

Anyway, the Tassimo arrived, I unpacked it, tossed the instruction manual into the recycling, as is my habit, and got started. Luckily, it is easy to use. It comes with a little cardboard thing attached to the spout with the few steps you actually need to clean the thing and make coffee. The only problem I had was remembering that you have to turn the thing on before you put the coffee (or whatever) disc in or it won't start. We will not discuss how long I stood at the counter pushing the start button before I worked that one out.

The first thing I made was hot chocolate for the kids. This may actually be my favorite part of the Tassimo. My kids are really into hot chocolate these days, especially when we come in from shoveling the few dustings of snow we've gotten this year, but by the time I actually get the hot chocolate made they have lost interest. With the Tasssimo though, I just throw the disc into the machine, push start, and less than a minute later you have hot chocolate, which is almost within the attention spans of my children.

Ok, I lied, the thing I like best is that you can get Starbucks coffee. Chris loves the Starbucks house blend, and I like coffee to be just about as thick and dark as shoe leather, and now we can both have exactly what we want.

So, let's do pros and cons, shall we?

Pros: Makes coffee very fast, also makes tea and hot chocolate and cappuccino and probably other things too, has lots of varieties of coffee and whatnot to choose from, easy to set up, use, and clean, holds a fair amount of water so you aren't refilling it every cup. It also has a large spill catcher, nice for those of us who tend to hit the start button before we remember to get a cup out of the cabinet, and it is removable so you can brew into a large mug or a travel mug.

Cons: The discs are very expensive. They are expensive compared to the Senseo I was using, and hugely expensive compared to brewing a pot of coffee. The coffee is hot enough, but not as hot as I am used to so that by the time I get around to drinking it and still expecting it to be hot based on past experience, it is often cold. The colored inserts are a nice touch, but since the coffee splatters quite a bit when brewing I spend a lot of time wiping it off (I could put the black back in so the coffee wouldn't show, but ot course I forgot where I put it.) It costs $130.00, which I suppose is towards the low-end for a fancy "Hot Beverage System," but is significantly more than my perfectly serviceable Senseo (50 bucks) and insane compared to the perfectly acceptable pot brewers that we all used for years until the "Hot Beverage System" manufacturers convinced us that we needed them. And finally, the little plastic cups the coffee (and whatnot) comes in are not marked for recycling and would have to be peeled apart and dumped out to recycle anyway, which I have tried and it makes a huge mess, and man but doesn't that just seem more environmentally irresponsible than we all need to be for our morning coffee?

So in the end, would I go out and buy this? For $130? No way, not me. But has it fully replaced my old single-cup brewer, despite the fact that I still have about eight bags of coffee for it that I got on a great sale at Target? You betcha.

Now, the good news is that I have one of these to give away, and you can be the lucky winner. To enter, just leave a comment on this post by 9:00 AM Eastern on Monday, January 24. One entry per person, please, duplicates will be eliminated, and the winner will be chosen by random selection. Comments of "I want it" or "Me! Me! Me!" or whatever are fine. Comments calling me a lousy sell-out will not be appreciated and I will focus really hard on making the random number generator not pick any of those. Hey, we're really into Star Wars around here lately, I may have picked up some Jedi mind tricks, so best not to risk it.

Sorry all you lovely foreigners, winner must be in the continental U.S.

Comments (101)

I'll take it!

yes please....

I don't want it; the trash would kill me. I couldn't resist commenting, however, that I find it interesting that the two things you've reviewed are as personal as coffee & a bedroom, um, accessory(?). Just an observation...

Me! Me! Me!

I'll put in a comment for a shot at the coffee makers thanks!

Ooh, my mom has a Kuerig! I would love to have a coffee-off with her. ;)

I also have an six year old Senseo that's holding up rather well, but am curious to try a Tassimo "system" if one were to fall in my lap. :)

I'd be the best wife ever if I won. I don't drink coffee so I could care less about all the details but whatever. Coffee for the husband!

I have been dying to try the Tassimo but couldn't justify spending the money for one. Pick me and problem solved!

Oooh, I would love one of these! We don't have anything like it, and as a constant playgroup host it would be awesome for both the moms and the kids - so hopefully the Force is with us! ;)

To start out: I have absolutely no problem with the informed sell-out. I am curious on the process ... from your wording, it seems that they shipped you both units - and its your job to fulfill the contest. Or - do you actually just have to send them a name and address?

This might just keep me awake at work! Bring it!

Pick me! Pretty Please! :o)

This is the droid you want...

I have been wanting one of those!

I'm one of those Keurig Crazies. I don't travel with mine, well, because the only trips I've made since becoming obsessed were to stay with relatives who have their own Keurigs. Sad, I know. With that said, I'd love to break the obsessive nature of my relationship with my current Hot Beverage System and I do love me some Starbucks coffee...

Oh thats awesome i would love to win one!!

Oh YAY--I want one!! (please)

Ooh, neat! I've wanted to try one of these out, and would love to win one!

pick me!!! pick me!!!

I'd love for it to replace my little (pathetic) coffee pot!

Yes, please! (Sell-out) (JUST KIDDING) (SERIOUSLY) (No, really, pick me, I didn't mean it!)

I love to win!

This contest comes at the perfect husband and I are debating the merits of both the Tassimo and the Keurig, and I think we are leaning more toward the Tassimo. I'd love to win it!

Me! Me! Me!

Me! Me! Me!

Me! Me! Me!

Me! Me! Me!

Me! Me! Me!

Me! Me! I am totally coffee-challenged, yet I require it for daily functioning. Is a problem, no?

I;ve been reading your blog since Mia (and my own boy, Ethan) were 6 months old. Love it, and I think I can smell the impending closure of this blog. Don't do it! Love your stories! (Does this help me win, too?)

Thanks! Jessica

I'd love to have one. Thanks! We use a $20 Mr. coffee.

love to win too!

Normally, I might not be into a contest for a coffee maker, since I don't drink coffee, but since this one also makes non-coffee drinks, and my husband recently found of chunk of plastic that used to be part of his coffee maker IN his coffee maker, I'm all in.

And you're only a sell-out if someone besides me gets it :)

(Also, I just noticed another becky in the comments, and I swear that THAT IS NOT ME.)

I'm nit a huge coffee drinker, but I think that the ability to make just one cup sounds absolutely heavenly. Sign me up!

memememememe! Oh, and Me please!!

My husband would love this and I would not have to clean the stupid coffee pot anymore!

Ooh memememe! I have always wanted one of those..

It sounds utterly mediocre- that I must insist-sure put me down for a chance to win!

I love coffee

Sounds interesting.

Would love one!

Dying to try this! We have a Keurig and like it alot but there is no cappuccino option which is so, so sad... I cry every day about this (not really) but this is an awesome give away :)

I'd love this!

My first comment got rejected because I had submitted too many. First. Comment. Whaa??

Here goes nothing?

PS: I like shoe leather coffee, aka rocket fuel, too.

Yes, please!

I would love to try it!

"Like it I would" said in my best Yoda voice.

This would end a big dispute in our house - I am dying for a Keurig, my hubby HATES the Keurig coffee at his office. He's a total coffee snob and I only drink a random cup here or there. . . I can't justify buying one for just myself, but wow, if a free Hot Beverage System fell into my lap, now that would be awesome!!!

ME ME ME! :)

I love hot chocolate! Pick me! =)

Would love a Tassimo in my new kitchen!

We also make fun of my mom, who takes her Nespresso machine with her EVERYWHERE. But we don't make fun of her that much, because we don't want her to stop sharing her delicious coffee with us.

Fingers crossed, I would love to win this.

I would love this for the hot chocolate for the kiddos!

I would love to try one of these, we have a Keurig at work that I love, but they're so expensive!

As I watched Collin Firth collect his Golden Globe, I thought "huh, this is Beth's pretend celebrity boyfriend? Huh." Yes, there were two huhs. I see now, thankfully, that I had confused two "C" names. Nothing against Mr. Firth, but had Mr. Owen been picking up the award, I wouldn't have been asking myself "Huh?"

And a coffeemaker would be nice. I'd give it to my mom, since she wants one and I didn't get her one for Christmas because I thought she was kidding.

Want one just for the hot chocolate!

Since I seem to be the only blogger NOT giving one of these away, I think it's only fair that I get to win one. I'm just sayin...

I'll throw my name into the random generator--doesn't have the same sound as throw my hat in the ring does it?

Well, shoot...why not? I would love a fancy shmancy hot beverage system!

Oh, me me! I was just looking at one since my coffee pot died!

I fall firmly into the category of "really want to try one of these, but not enough to plop down my own $130 to buy one." So this would be a nice solution.

Yes, please!

Oh, please please please please let random number generator choose 60! I want a single-cup brewer in the worst sort of way and our household is on a spending freeze and I just might die if I can't get one.

Pick me! :)

Coffee is necessary at our house these days. A 3 yo and 1` yo twins make it that way...

I had my first experience with a "hot beverage system" (ugh. stupid name!) over Christmas. I loved it! But sadly there's no way I could plunk down the change necessary to get one. So, yeah, pick me! :)

Me! Me! Me!

I think one of those would be just perfect for work!

Moi! Moi!

I'll take it!

Hook a sista' up!

Have I told you how awesomely awesome you are? Well you are!

Yes please, I could use fast coffee in the morning.

Yup enter me too.

I tried to comment eArlier BUT work blocked me. :(
Since I am the only coffee drinker in the house this sounds perfect for me.
BTW,the way you write reviews you could do one And I Would NEVER consider you a sell-out.

I would love to try this for special coffee and hot chocolate.

I have a keurig, but would be willing to test this one out too.

Me! Me! Please! I'm still using a 4 cup dorm-style coffee maker from college. Save me!

I'm with you on nasty coffee- what is with people and making yucky stuff?

Yay for giveaways!

i love this blog and i love coffee! ME ME ME :)

Ooohh... coffee!

My husband would love one of these!

I left this on your latest post, too...but just in case.I work in the picu. overnights. this coffee pot system thing could literally be a life saver. :)

Hook me up!

Skinny Latte's from the Tassimo are to die for!

I'd love to try a tassimo! Pick me please!

I would love this!

I would love this!

Coffee? What's that?

I make plenty of coffee, but I never seem to find the time to drink any! But my husband somehow finds time to drink plenty, and since our coffee pot just bit the dust, this would be perfect :)

I have been pining for a Tassimo for quite a while now. I'd love this!

Oooh, a Tassimo would be very nice! I don't think our old coffee machine is going to last much longer, and I've wanted a "fancy" one for ages now... Good luck everyone! :-)

I'd love one!

I would love it!!!

I would simply love this. I'am a coffee whore.

ME but I live in Canada so probably not . . .

Me-me-me!! :)

I'm still stuck in the dark ages, making coffee by the pot. Oh please help me! Love your blog!

I'd love to have it! Found you via shelikespurple...Good luck with the losing!

Pick me! I definitely need another coffee-making device to add to my collection!

It can't hurt to leave a comment and just totally by accident win a Tassimo hot beverage system, right?

How gracious of you to offer a freebie like this to one of your readers! I'd love to add my name to the hat!

sure why not.

Oh, I would love this! I like flavored coffees and my husband does not, so this would be fantastic for us!

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