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Guess which one of us finds this hilarious?

Mia received nail polish for Easter, and after school today she painted everybody's nails. Mine, Owen's and Chris's. Chris has to go to work tomorrow, has a couple of meetings, and I am fresh out of nail polish remover.

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I know I find it hilarious! What color?

Bummer!! That is too funny! Where are the photos?!

Don't tell Fox News!!!

Well, at least he has a little girl at home to blame it on ;-) He could always stop at a drugstore on the way to work if it's entirely catastrophic...but he might have to sacrifice a few minutes fo sleep for that ;-)

I think this is great!

omg what colour what colour?! it HAS to be pink, right?!

Ha, just saw the photo on Rude Cactus. They're multi-colored!! Way to go Mia!

I saw the picture on Rude Cactus! AWESOME!!!

You forgot to mention that she used several colors!

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