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Why Girls are Easier than Boys

When you have a three year old girl following you everywhere you go, and it gets to the point where you either go kill whatever is growing in the shower or give it a name and start a college fund, you can just convince the girl child to play Cinderella and get down to the shower cleaning.

When you have a three year old boy following you everywhere you go and the shower reaches critical mass, it is much harder to wield the bleach and sponge in one hand while fighting a vicious light saber battle against attacking battle droids with the other.

(I'm going to have to just firebomb the shower. At least Owen will enjoy it.)

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Fire bombing is a bathroom cleaning method I could totally get behind ;)

Firebombing seems perfectly reasonable under the circumstances. (I have twin two year olds GIRLS, and the result is the same as your three year old boy problem. Except for the bleach part. There is NO appropriate time to wield bleach except when they are asleep.)

well i have 6 assorted jedi/princesses and diluted clear vinigar & lemon juice is the only way to go!
Tough on unwanted shower growth, gentle on jedi & princesses :D

I'd be happy to set up a playdate between your shower thing and mine - maybe they'd really get along!

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