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Foods to which I am not allergic:


Foods I do not eat:


Foods to which I am allergic:


Foods I eat every single day:

See list above

So, I am now soliciting ideas on how to feed my vegetarian self without any of the foods which have not bothered me once so far but, according to my doctor, could possibly one day get bitchy and kill me.

If you don't want to talk cooking, you can go here instead and talk shoes.

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I'm seeing a whole lotta rice and beans in your future.

And salads.

And, uhhhh...

You know what might help? Browsing some raw food sites for ideas. They avoid a lot of those foods.

Oh my. That's absurd. Did they tell you the odds eggs might get bitchy and kill you? I am absolutely no help unfortunately. I don't have any food allergies that I know of, haven't died yet, sorry. Hope you figure out something soon! And that other commenters are more helpful than I.

I'm confused (I have a cold and it's early over here) - have you had testing to advise you are allergic to all those things, or have you just been told that you "may" be in the future? If it's the former, I'm with Cherie on the pulses front. If it's the later, I wouldn't worry too much as Dianna says - small odds.

DS was intolerant of eggs, wheat and dairy as a child, and given we have peanut allergies in the family we avoided them as well, so I have some experience of this. BUT we are dedicated carnivores :)

Soooo, suggestions, wheat free pasta (you should be able to get rice pasta not corn pasta which cooks really quickly) with ratatouille or any other non-meat sauce; soup thickened with rice flour (which is like all purpose flour without any raising agents in and is great in cakes!); quorn mince made into what we call a cottage pie (basically mince and gravy with veg and a mashed potato topping), veggie lasagne with rice flour lasagne sheets. Not sure what your supermarkets are like, but you should be able to find products that you can eat, and given dairy isn't a problem and you can eat pulses, you shouldn't have any problem with protein.

Good luck!

Day-um, girl! What's left? Cheese?

People tend to be sensitive or allergic to those things they eat most often. For example, rice allergy is rare in the U.S. but very common in Asian countries. So your list doesn't surprise me.

I have food sensitivies (very few full blown, life threatening allergies) that were diagnosed by food elimination testing -- i.e., I feel better off the foods, immediately worse when back on them. I have life-threatening allergy to avocado. Also can't have things like melon, pear, pineapple, almonds, and yeast for other reasons.

I have had a diet mostly free of dairy and soy for 20 years (entirely free for maybe 8 years), entirely free of eggs for 11 years. I try to eat very little wheat. I eat, and I am neither starving nor dead! I eat fruits and veggies, rice, spelt pasta and sourdough bread, cashews, granola, potato chips :-). Cookies are made with applesauce and margarine, where eggs and butter are called for. I do eat salmon and chicken as well. I do not eat beef. It works for me! It can be done. Get to know the folks at Whole Foods. (Soy is really the hardest thing to avoid because it's so prevalent in vegetarian dishes; but you'll find companies like Earth Balance, which makes margarine that is both dairy and soy free -- it's sooooo good too!)

And, just FYI, Disney World is fabulous about accommodating dietary restrictions, so register with their Special Diets program before your trip (which Chris mentioned some time ago). I was just there in April and got first-class, personalized service from chefs at every restaurant.

Good luck. And welcome to my world. :-( Feel free to e-mail me if needed.


Shoot! Beth, that's not good! So, you are allergic, without reactions? Time for a second opinion? (I'm sure you have thought of that)

beans, beans, beans (just not soy). Finding a tortilla alternative is going to be a challenge. Rice pasta tastes like paste....spring for the quinoa pasta instead if you can find it. Rice flour, however, is okay in cooking and sometimes even the almighty Target carries gluten free baking mixes, including Bisquick, without which I would be screwed. Dairy. Dairy. Dairy. All that cheese will make your ezekiel bread sandwiches taste better.

My nutritionist thinks I am allergic to whole grains/wheat. I'm pretty much wanting to die about it.

Welcome to my world. I have been allergic my entire life. It is hard to follow but you can do it. There are so many fabulous alternatives out there. Sadly lots of time, but if you eat clean it makes it easier.

Good luck you can do it and will feel so much better.

My list I am allergic to if it makes you feel any better:


oh, there's lots! Quinoa (high in protein and nummy), salmon and other fisheries (are you pescatarian or strict veggie. How do you feel about vegan meals?

I can email you lots more options....lemme look at my books and see what I can find for you to check out.

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