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Dork vs. Geek

I was literally in the middle of writing an actual post, and then Chris and I started having an argument about which of us is a geek and which of us is a dork. We cannot agree, so I submit it to you.

Dork vs. Geek, what say you all?

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Sorry, but after reading Chris' post I have to say he's the geek. But, I've thought that for years. Does one of you have to be a dork?

I can't speak to whether or not you are a dork, but Chris is definitely the geek. Take from that what you will. :)

Chris is totally the geek here. Which means, as much as I hate to say it, that you are the dork in this situation. But one could argue that you WERE a dork and Chris is STILL a geek, since this relates to something you did 20 years ago and that Chris did the other day.

Can't say you're a dork, but Chris is a definite geek! Glad you haven't abandoned blogging!

Chris is def the geek, hands down. Can't say qualify ad a dork though

You're a dork (you want a pet duck; you're addicted to chap stick), he's a geek. My God, how long have you two known each other? And you're asking strangers this question?

Yeah, I think it's kind of unanimous here. Chris is a total techy geek. You're not really a dork, even if you do want a pet duck, but Chris is the geek, definitely!

Chris is the geek. I'm not sure you qualify as a dork.

I'd definitely say Chris is more the geek, based on how you represent yourselves on your blogs...whether that holds true IRL I have no idea :)

I have always considered myself a "dork" due to silly crap I wind up doing or saying. I do not think either is a negative word. Be a proud Dork with me...and remember your McHottie husband is the GEEK! lol

Chris is definitely the GEEK. You are definitely NOT a dork. in my humble opinion :-)

Chris is the geek and you are the diet geek.

A diet geek is like a Diet Coke, almost the same thing but you're missing the little something extra.

It's the same thing with my husband and I, too. LOL!

Well, I would prefer to give compliments but you didn't ask for compliments.

You're a dork (I seem to remember something about holes in pants...)
Chris is a geek.

You're both pretty awesome.

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