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First Day of School, Child 1

She can read, write, add, subtract and do some basic fractions. She can swim, ride a two-wheeler, make her own lunch, carry a tune, hit a baseball, and tell a joke that is actually funny.

She's six. She's awesome. She's a first grader.


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(melting heart!) Oh she is such a big girl now, isn't she, Beth? What a beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, daughter you have!!!

awww, happy first day big girl! xoxo

Such a big girl...and so beautiful!!! She is one smart cookie also!

Happy first day of school, Bean!

I'm sure you've wondered this yourself the past couple days, but where does the time go? Hope the first day was fantastic!

SO happy to read you Beth! Mia is as wonderful as ever - and I'm glad to read you are adjusting well to your new way of eating.

My oldest (13) is gluten free and we are working on helping him become a vegetarian (his choice) - it's a challenge, for certain, but there is still so much fantastic food he can eat. You'll figure it out - I promise.

Wow I can't believe your kids are just starting school! Mine (about the same age)have been going for a month now. Just curious, how long do they go? (our last day is May 19th).

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