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First Day of School, Child 2

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**sob!** Your boy is all grown up! Where did the time go???

WTH? My gosh. He looks so.. grown. lol

I just, whoa. I cannot believe he's going to school already. He looks like a blonde mini-Chris to me. Go get 'em, Owen!

what the?! WHAT have you done with Owen and WHO is that big boy?!

Its the hair cut I think. That and he's changed shape and is all big little boy now... gosh xx

Children really do grow alarmingly quickly. GOSH. He looks adorable.

My goodness, he's so big & grown up! Hope school rocks for him!

Where is Baby Owen?? And, he is going to break some hearts in his school career, just a guess. :) What a cool-looking kid. Hope he has fun!

Wow! Where did your baby go? He looks excited!

Had to double check that you weren't posting a pic of a nephew or kid of a friend. Owen got...older.

o, how can this be?

Dear gods, when did he get so ... long? I seriously thought that was maybe an older cousin or something.

Where did your baby go? And how did he get replaced by a blond Chris look alike? And Mia? Don't get me started! Where does the time go?

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