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Question from Owen

Owen (three and a half, in case you have lost track) has an important question that I am unable to answer, so I offered to ask you.

"If The Hulk was frozen in carbonite, would he be able to use his strong muscles to break out?"

(There's more, but it gets even more complicated after this one, so I've decided to stick to the basics, such as they are.)

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Based on my extensive knowledge (of comic books) the answer is no, because his muscle tissue would be frozen. Whether or not the Hulk would be his formerly-strong self upon thawing would depend on whether he was flash-frozen (ideal) or slow-frozen (bad, as slow freezing can cause ice crystal formation and thus distort the tissue from expansion).

HTH, Owen!

The more important question is this: Would Boba Fett be able to load a carbonite'd Hulk onto his ship, what with the weight and everything? And could you even bind the hulk's hands and arms long enough to keep him from smashing everything before they put him in the carbonite? Probably not. I mean, seriously, Chewie started tearing shit up until Han told him to stop and Han only acquiesced because he thought it would save his friends. So, the Hulk probably would've thought, 'This is bullshit, yo!', and initiated smashing action, which makes Owen's question moot. Did he even consider the engineering behind the process? My God, what is he, three? Shouldn't he be taking these things into account?

I know nothing about comic books but I have to agree with Sir. Threatening to be frozen sounds like just the kind of thing that would piss a hulk off. He just wouldn't let it happen. And although Sundry has science on her side, I still think his rage would heat those muscles right up to smashing through the ice. Then watch out.

Holy toledo! When did he get to be 3 and a half?

I agree with Sundry, in addition, though carbonite is much like a metal, candy shell around the victim, they are placed in hibernation and wouldn't have the ability to react.

As to Sir's question, Boba Fett wouldn't have an issue moving the carbonite Hulk as the method of transport to Slave I had repulsor lifts or something similar.

Getting Hulk in the freezing chamber would be the difficult part.

*All statements are theoretical and based on conversations with SW fans far geekier than I (hard to believe, I know), and the internets.

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