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Secret Word

Mia has a secret word, let's say it is Tulip. If someone she is not expecting shows up to pick her up from somewhere and says "Hey, your mom asked me to come get you" she knows to ask them for the secret word and run screaming in the other direction if they can't tell her it is Tulip. (Clearly this is for someone she knows, for strangers she knows to run screaming immediately.)

Owen knows the secret word too, but doesn't totally understand its application. So when we are playing Tickle or Wrestle or Chase or Trap Owen (his favorite) and Owen is done playing the game, he shouts out Tulip! Tulip!

So yes, my three-year-old has a safe word. As you can imagine, I am quite proud.

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I was just telling someone about a similar plan we have... a secret color... that we set up at the beginning of the school year. I think it is such a good idea. We have already had to use it, too! However, the secret "word" in our games of tickle, wrestle, chase or trap (which ever kid) is "You are the Best (Mommy) EVER!" So, I guess we have 2! :)

We live in such a small town that often my friends will offer my girls a ride home (they walk), or at the last minute we'll offer to pick up each other's kids from preschool or storytime or whatever without pre-arranging it. My rule for my kids is "if they've had dinner at our house, then you can ride with them". That limits it to a pretty small group (about 6 families) that would be OK for them to hop in with. I've heard of the secret word idea, and that might be a good one to start doing too.

It saddens me a little that we live in a world where we even need to teach our kids street safety and safe words. We drilled it into our kids' heads from the earliest possible age, all the while wondering if the relatively simple world of our own childhood would ever come back.

I sure hope so.

"Safe word" Love it! Ours is chinchilla. It has become the way we are able to make each other giggle.

I've got to agree with Carmi that it stinks that teaching a safe word is necessary, but good for you guys for being proactive about it!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Dear Bee-eeeth
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Happy Birthday, Beth! I hope you have a great day!

I was checking your blog and saw the birthday wishes in comments so I thought I'd add mine as well-- Hope you had a fantastic birthday :)

That is a great idea! We're going to do that too!

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