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Whoever you are, now I place my hand upon you, that you be my poem, I whisper with my lips close to your ear.

- Walt Whitman

Meet the Fish

I want to get a pet duck and keep it in the bathtub.
I am addicted to chap stick and altoids.
I am freakishly flexible.

World's Most Beautiful Child


World's Most Handsome Child


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Clive Owen

Clive Owen
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so the fish said...
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Update, of sorts

Things currently in the back of my car:

  • One bag of assorted bathing suits, towels, goggles, and a Star Wars bathrobe for Owen's twice-weekly Mommy and Me swim lessons.

  • One bag of snow pants, gloves, long socks and a bike helmet for Mia's twice-weekly ice skating (and my once-weekly ice skating).

  • One bag holding a bat, t-ball tee and an incredibly heavy first base that honks when you stomp on it, plus a large barrel holding balls, ice packs, and a first aid kit for Owen's t-ball team of which I am somehow the manager.

  • Two cases of beer and seven bottles of wine for my Bunco group, which I am hosting next week.

  • A new toilet fill valve and flapper for the powder room toilet which has taken to singing when you flush it. Anybody wants an operatic toilet let me know and I'll send you the old parts.

  • A roll of paper towels, because you never can tell when somebody is going to puke in the car.

  • A full change of clothes for both children, see above.

  • A picnic blanket, because you never can tell when you will need to have a picnic.

  • Eight reusable grocery bags.

  • Four crayons, three goldfish (one smushed), a fruit snack wrapper, rogue bits of mulch from the last time I hauled mulch, a lone Elmo Go Fish card, half of one of those gelatinous window stick on things which I believe used to be an Easter egg, and an ice scraper.