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We are just back from the beach, we cut the vacation short so that Owen could attend his last day of preschool. And while at the beach we had ice cream sundaes and played stupid-expensive mini golf and stupider-expensiver spin bumper cars that made Mommy and Daddy want to pukey. And we fished in the ocean, because Owen said he wanted to and then lost interest in 10 minutes, but let me assure that those were a pricey 10 minutes.

And I started the week being grateful that we could give our kids these things, that we could have these experiences, and that we could say oh well, this is vacation, so screw the cost and it really, for us, didn't matter.

But really I am grateful for the small moments that cost nothing. I am grateful that Mia's favorite moment was "going running" on the beach with me before breakfast this morning. And Owen's favorite part was running down the stairs with Daddy, singing the "Crab Rescue" song, and fishing yet another crab out of the house's swimming pool.

So yes, I am grateful for the ability to give my kids things, but I am more grateful for the ability to take a week to spend giving the kids us while they still appreciate us.

We are living a charmed life, and I just want to get that on the record while it is true.