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Sometimes it is fine, really, almost totally fine. And other parents and other kids have it so much worse, and really it is fine, and probably totally normal, and developmentally appropriate or at least he will likely grow out of it but really nothing to worry about. Except that maybe it is, something to worry about I mean, but how am I to know, I'm not an expert.

And that, my friends, is borderline. And we are, so many of us, trained not to raise a stink for anything less than egregious. We mind our manners. We wait and see. But sometimes even the most reticent among us have to stand up and say, or really, stand up and yell, wait, this isn't right. This is my kid, and this isn't right.

Which is why Owen - challenging, trying, sweeter than a chocolate factory Owen - has both a full speech evaluation and an (almost unbelievably unrelated, but I assure you that it is) ENT appointment to determine whether he needs to have his adenoids removed coming up in the next month. And Owen loves teachers, so the speech thing is no problem, but man does he hate doctors, bringers of throat cultures and shots.

Poor thing. But I'm the mom, and something, somewhere, isn't quite right. Not quite. Borderline. Sorry, baby, but it is my job to stand up and yell about it.

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Email me if you want to talk. I've been there. So, so many times. It works out, but man, the doing sucks.

Sending hugs to you and to Owen. My adenoids were not removed until I was 15 and I really struggled. You're doing the right thing.

Always, always, trust your intuition. A very smart pediatrician once told me that no one knows a child like his mom(or dad). Keep going and pressing until you get answers and things get better!

Many of my nieces and nephews and brothers have also had their adenoids removed. From what I understand, no fun, but they felt 100% better once healed.

I agree that you are doing the right thing. Hang in there mom!

I know it really sucks. But I promise you feel so much better when you ask the question, look into the issue, then worrying about it. Please feel free to email me - you know I've loved your kids, in a totally-non-creepy Internet way, for a long time!

I hope it's not too annoying that I compare your Owen to my Taiden so much. I know all kids are different, but ours are really close in age and seem to have alot of similar traits. TK's speech evaluation is on the 30th.
Go with your gut on the Adnoid thing.

Out of curiosity, how do you know the speech and adenoids are unrelated?
My daughter had to have her adenoids removed twice (because they don't actually remove them - just cut them back. And they grew back). We had the adenoids removed because of sleep apnea and reoccuring ear infections and they ended up taking the tonsils the second too. However, her speech delay/problems disappeared afterwards (after a tough month or so adjustment period).
It wasn't until afterwards the doc told us that her adenoids and tonsils had been so large that they had been preventing the soft palate (the roof of her mouth) from moving - something that is necessary for speech.
Anyway, that's my long way of saying yes, go with your gut and 'stand up and yell'. But also, be wary of going in with written-in-stone preconceived notions. Things will get better, but maybe not in the exact way you think.

Good for you! That's what Mamma's do, or the good ones anyway! I hope you get all of the answers you need.

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