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Go Turkey Go Turkey Go

I started running in mid-August. And then I went on vacation and then I started running all over again at the beginning of September. I did Couch to 5k via a handy dandy iPhone app and lots of full-blast Pandora and I hated almost every minute of it but lo and behold, by the end I could run 5k without stopping or dying along the way. And after that I added some distance so that I've actually run 5 consecutive miles a couple of times now.

None of this is all that interesting, except that I have been trying, off and on, to be a runner for about 12 year now, and in all those 12 years I never once managed to put three miles together. I never managed it because I wanted to be fast. I couldn't just run a mile, it had to be an eight minute mile. Never mind if I hadn't exercised in a year and smoked a pack a day. And as soon as I ran one mile I started planning how I would run a marathon. I never, ever made it to a race of any kind. I would burn out, or break my foot, or get pregnant, or something else would happen and I would give it up cold.

And then yesterday, I ran my local Turkey Trot. My goals were to finish and to run the entire way. And I did. I put together some 10-plus minute miles and I high-fived my kids and Mia made me a sign and I ran every step of those 5000 meters and finished just over 32 minutes and I hated every single second of it. But I did it. And now that it is over I am overly proud of myself and feel the need to brag. A lot.

Now, did I ever tell you about that time I got an A in Calculus?

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Congratulations! I would still be bragging about that on my deathbed! I have fantasies of being a runner but it has never gone farther than that. Great work!

Go you!

That is fantastic! In my twenties and thirties I ran 5K and 10K's but eventually gave up after a ski injury tore my meniscus. I miss it. The solitude of the run, and the feeling of accomplishment. You go, girl!

Congratulations!!! I started the C25K but gave up. Now I am attempting to tackle yoga.

I am so excited for you!!! Yay you!!!

It's such a great feeling! I ran my first (and only, so far) 5k back in January. Was totally NOT fast (I was more like 43 minutes) but still felt really awesome. Go Beth go!

Good for you. I've found that signing up for races has been the one thing that has worked for me. I've wanted to run for years and my first race pushed me forward. And now I can't look back. love it.

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