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We started making gingerbread men on Thanksgiving morning before Owen was born. We turn on the parade, cut out the cookies, decorate with homemade frosting, and have eaten enough to be in a full on sugar crash by the time Santa gets to Macy's. When I told the kids today that we were going to be making gingerbread men tomorrow, I was met with a resounding and stereophonic "Do we have to?"

And then when I announced that I would be making cinnamon rolls (from scratch, mind you) for breakfast tomorrow, Mia said "But why?" and Owen said "Ew, gross." And then they both said, "Do we have to eat them?"

Yes, yes you do. And you have to make gingerbread men as well. I'm making your childhood memories here, goddamit, now smile and have fun.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, my dear old friends, and may all of your children participate in your family traditions without whining.

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Hahahaha. I have 3 teenagers and one tween. Every tradition is met with, "Do we have to?" The children, they do not understand the making of memories. Or maybe it's just my kids. Kids, putting a damper on tradition since FOREVER.

I tried to have family time today by playing games with the kids. It ended with my son in tears screaming that he is not having ANY fun. So yup, family time, family memories. Such a hit around here too.

BETH! I popped in here today, on the random chance that maybe you posted SOMETHING - and you've blogged - several times! It's so good to "hear" your voice!

I hope O's appointment with the ENT went ok, and that he's doing well.

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