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Just Under the Wire

My laptop died a sudden death in September, which explains why it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to log on to this damned thing and another 10 to remember my password. And yet, ta-da!

Owen woke up early this morning, and surprisingly allowed me to climb into bed with him rather than kicking me because I am not Daddy, and we spend 15 minutes talking about dreams and puppies and Halloween and fear and crying and school (kindergarten now, oh my) and weekends and zombies and back to puppies and that 15 minutes is why it is worth it to have children.

This afternoon, Mia and I spent 15 minutes talking about how surprisingly much she knows about cancer (third grade, oh my) and the things we might do to help a neighbor through such a hard time and that 15 minutes is why it is worth it to have children.

And it is November, the time for new beginnings precisely nowhere except here, in this little space we used to share before we all moved on to bigger and better. So let's see, shall we? Whether there is still any there there (move over, Gertrude).

Hello again, how are you?

(Oh wait, I think comments are closed globally because spammers ruin it for everybody. You may send me psychic responses or emails until I remember how to undo that, should you wish.)