So the Fish Said...

Whoever you are, now I place my hand upon you, that you be my poem, I whisper with my lips close to your ear.

- Walt Whitman

Meet the Fish

I want to get a pet duck and keep it in the bathtub.
I am addicted to chap stick and altoids.
I am freakishly flexible.

World's Most Beautiful Child


World's Most Handsome Child


Other Important Things

Clive Owen

Clive Owen
Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend

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so the fish said...
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This May Be Where We Leave It

The redbuds are in full bloom and the iris and peonies are coming soon. The backyard frogs are warming up for a long night of love songs. After a day of bike rides and running and playgrounds the children are having a frankly ridiculous dance party in the back yard accompanied by the music blasting from our living room. The calendar is obscene and I am thrilled to be going to work tomorrow. There are troubles too, of course, and hardship and woe, and I am luckier than I could ever have imagined.

Miss you, love you, thank you.